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What Is The Black Hole?

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The black hole is a place in space where gravity is too high to be able to pull light, black holes can’t be seen, but space telescopes and some special instruments can be found, and the actions of stars near the holes can be observed. Differently, a number of them are thought to exist in the Milky Way galaxy where the Earth is located. The black holes are undoubtedly one of the most exotic and interesting phenomena in the universe. The black holes come in two supernovae and huge black holes. When a large star dies, its cold remains (the star mass). When this large star collapses, a black hole is formed. These normal holes are common. There are nearly one billion black holes in our galaxy.

The Milky Way, which is ten times the size of the sun and is considered small in relation to the black holes. The huge black holes resemble the mass graves of millions of dead stars, which are twice as large as their star counterparts. The limits of the surface of the black hole is considered the horizon of the event and it’s a really confusing place where the roles are changed here for time and place and it’s normal to move in space back and forth. If you are trapped by the black hole you can move back and forth in time, but you can’t move in space.

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The reason for not being able to get out of the black hole, there is only one direction is the spatial direction of moving in the belly of this monster. The black hole absorbs the light passing by its side by gravity, and it seems to be watched from the outside as if it were an area of nothingness, since no signal, wave or particle can escape from its sphere of influence. Black holes were identified by observing some of the X-rays from material when their particles break down as they approach the black hole’s gravitational field and fall into its identity.

Also, the black hole is the last stage of the life of a great star mass. In fact, it is not a star since it does not generate energy through nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion depends on the mass star after consuming hydrogen and helium and becomes a black hole that does not radiate light. The black hole has multiple species. These species came in different names: a small black hole, a large black hole, and black hole astral.


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