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What Is The Importance Of Political Ecology?

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The work done by Robbins is extremely informative and intriguing. After the reading I have a heightened understanding of why Political Ecology is necessary to avoid or heal dire circumstances. This reflection is focused on the significance of creating a fair socioeconomic world for other who would be deemed as not equipped to fight against inequalities or physically can’t support themselves. Political ecologist work to seek out and dismantle the causes, this is significant for aiding the healing process of the affected community. The dedicated advocates tackle the injustices that marginalized classes, groups or societies, are enduring. The goal is to create fairness to all while supporting environmental change. The foundation of Political Ecology is the underlying goal of preservation, eco-friendly changes and the physical health of the planet. This harmonious aim can be extremely hard to maintain or even to moderately grasp, because of the constant greed and accumulation goals of a large majority of society. Wealthy states, companies or even individuals are too infatuated with currency and where they can achieve more of it. This mentality creates for selfishly corrupt incentive. These people will feed off the land and rich resources of the globally poor, which creates either: Testing the resiliency of these communities or an inevitable demise.

Animal rights activists, feminism, racism, are very predominant, although very imperative, there are issues that have been ‘swept under the rug’. Robbins describes the cycle of degrading vulnerable communities which, leads to depletion, causing an unhealthy dependency on others to support them. The exhausted individuals affected are not being given a fair voice. In our society propaganda becomes a scapegoat and distraction against unknown catastrophes. These forms of misleading information can blind millions of individuals from overlooked topics such as; Poverty, famine, corruption, extortion, land/resource degradation, and endless war. These factors are not only affecting the people directly impacted -but, it also impacts the physical health of the world. Inevitably, we will all be forcibly consumed by these factors if we are not proactive in building societies once again. If cultures begin to become reliant on one-an-other due to negligence or cruelty, eventually they will be both exhausted, and will create a domino effect if not addressed. This has the potential to create a cycle. To avoid these repetition’s, creating chains of explanation is the key for altering outcomes and preserving healthy civilization. It is a vital process for explaining why crises occur and eventually teach how these issues can be terminated.

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A notable strength of the Political ecology field is there diagnostics and intensive research that creates educational value to modify outcomes. Another strongpoint would be, the ideology of creating a community to spread knowledge, organizations such as, PETA and LGBTQ do just this. Outlets such as, “… symbolic content, images and media…” (Robbins, 86), create for a way to involve citizens and create way for deeper sense of realism. Although used greatly for many concerns, these tactics are rarely used to express the concern for unfortunate, ignored circumstances. We’ve been destructive to our world as a whole; innocent peoples have been deserted as a result. There is not enough emphasis on the need for advocacy for the people with no voice. In Robbins work there was a brief explanation of importance of exploring these events – but, going forward, a priority should be increasing educational resources and focus on representing others. In doing so, we can begin to assist for a restored biosphere and reconcile tainted relationships. ReferencesRobbins, P. (2012). Political ecology: A critical introduction (2nd ed. ). Chichester, West Sussex: J. Wiley & Sons.


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