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The Responsibilities and True Meaning of Being a Patriot

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What is a patriot? Many people don’t know what a patriot is. This paper will talk about some examples and facts about what a patriot is and what they do. This paper will also talk about what certain things is done in the United States. A patriot is a person who supports and loves their country and fight for what they believe in. They also have a passionate feeling about national loyalty.

In the Revolutionary War, the americans had many advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are that the americans fought at home. The british had to wait for the military orders, troops, and supplies to make it to America, which could take months or even longer. Some of the disadvantages the Americans had was, a weak navy, no regular army, lack of fighting experience, shortage of weapons, ect. During this time, there were many patriots in this.

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Americans have freedom,freedom is the power of right to act,speak,think as one want. Freedom sets americans apart from every other country in the world. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the United States of America constitution, guaranteeing rights as freedom of speech,assembly, and worship, here is some examples. Freedom of religion allows individuals to worship God according to their beliefs and consciences. Freedom of Religion was very important to the founding fathers. This Bill of Right was a main reason settlers came to America. Back then, they didn’t have this freedom anywhere else. Another example is Freedom of speech, Freedom of speech is when anyone can say their opinion. A parliament is a legislative body of government. A modern parliament has three functions representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government via hearings and inquiries. The laws made by the parliament are called Acts. Also, to create new laws a Bill has to be debated in Parliament.

Voting is a big part of America’s Democracy. Democracy is a system of government by the whole population. In the United States of America, different things are decided by voting. An example is, Americans vote for their president. Voting is giving a register or vote. Some quotes from our old presidents are,”The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security or all. John F Kennedy”. Another quote is, “Elections belong to people. Abraham Lincoln”. To be able to vote, americans have to be eighteen years of age.

Australia is a free country. Australia is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Ocean, it is geographically located in the South Pacific Ocean. Many many people seek to immigrate to Australia. Australia has many rights,including freedom of speech, association,religion,and discrimination. Australia has a Prime Minister and a Monarch,a prime minister is a head of an elected government. Prime Ministers are more important than a Monarch.The Prime minister of Australia is Scott Morrison since August 24,2018. Queen Elizabeth the second has been the Monarch, since February 6, 1952, and still reigns today. Australia does not have a bill of rights, but does have certain rights they have to follow.

A patriot means “of one’s father”. Patriots fight and love their country, they care for their friends, community, neighbors, and they are be proud of where they came from. Patriots were from years and years ago and are still here to this day, Anyone can be a patriot, it is not that hard to become one. Schools, jobs, churches, the streets, ect all have patriots but they all may not be in the same way. At school, many students could stand up to bullies and be kind and care for the person that is getting bullied. At a job, citizens could help each other with their work or maybe do someone else’s work if they are not there. In the church, individuals could can tell other people about Jesus Christ and God. On the streets, citizens could stand up for what they are going to do or how they live.


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