Process of Universal Health Care Implementation in Bangladesh

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Universal health care is a framework that gives quality restorative administrations to all natives. The government offers it to everybody paying little heed to their capacity to pay. In spite of a few likenesses, Obamacare isn’t all inclusive human services. A few Americans advocate for a sort of widespread human services now and again called “Medicare for all.” It is getting to be well known with dynamic Democrats running in the 2018 midterm decisions. In many nations, the legislature pays for medicinal services gave by privately owned businesses. These incorporate the frameworks in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, and Switzerland. U.S. illustrations are Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE. The United States additionally gives endowments to medical coverage organizations through Obamacare. Nations frequently consolidate widespread wellbeing scope with different frameworks to present rivalry. These incorporate pay as you go, prepay, and private protection models. These choices can bring down expenses, grow decision, or enhance mind.

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Developed Countries With Universal Health Care

Out of the 33 created nations, 32 have universal health care. They receive one of the accompanying three models.

In a solitary payer framework, the legislature assesses its subjects to pay for health care. Twelve of the 32 nations have this framework. The United Kingdom is a case of single-payer associated drug. Administrations are government-possessed and specialist organizations are government workers. Different nations utilize a mix of government and private specialist co-ops.

Six nations uphold a protection command. It requires everybody to purchase protection, either through their boss or the legislature. Germany is the best case of this framework.

The nine outstanding nations utilize a two-level approach. The administration charges its nationals to pay for essential government wellbeing administrations. Subjects can likewise decide on better administrations with supplemental private protection. France is the best illustration.

Health Care System In Bangladesh

Universal Health Care (UHC) is a best need for Bangladesh. Under UHC individuals are relied upon to approach required quality social insurance administrations with no monetary hardship. Despite the fact that Bangladesh has been advancing in stretching out medicinal services administrations to its subjects, there is still aberrations in getting to administrations by different social gatherings. Monetary obstruction is as yet a vital hindrance in getting to medicinal services. As we realize that yearly per capita wellbeing use is $ 27. Of this, 64% originates from singular pocket which is one of the most noteworthy and has a genuine devastating impact on family unit economy. We are having an epidemiological move in malady trouble where irresistible ailments are taking a rearward sitting arrangement and interminable illnesses are coming up. What’s more, our wellbeing framework isn’t prepared for this move and medicinal services is probably going to be all the more exorbitant. Except if we adopt a strategy for UHC, it will posture to be a genuine test for the general population and the country.

The Government of Bangladesh has considered the soul of UHC important. The legislature has just drafted a guide towards UHC. Our Honorable Prime Minister has put UHC as a post-MDG objective for the country. However, it is unreasonable to feel that we will accomplish UHC inside a brief timeframe. In the event that we need to accomplish it inside a sensible period, we need to take a shot at approach, framework, system, and wellbeing administration conveyance level. We additionally need to center around building up a fitting human services financing model. As said before, the administration has a guide however it needs a considerable measure of help from NGOs, scholastics, specialists and support associations. The present gathering is one stage towards accomplishing that.

Where it stands now?

Bangladesh has gained significant ground over the two decades. In any case, still 64% of wellbeing consumption leaves take which is exceptionally disturbing. Thus, a huge number of poor family units are being pushed into destitution which we call calamitous consumption. Bangladesh is encountering the most noteworthy (15%) cataclysmic use though India is encountering around 10-12% and Thailand is encountering lower than 2%. The inquiry is how was it conceivable? Thailand began some pre-installment conspire in mid 70’s and joined UHC in 2002. So far there are a ton of difficulties for accomplishing UHC. Initial one is assembling the assets for wellbeing. It doesn’t imply that a nation needs to have more riches. In reality it is the way toward assembling assets. Cuba and Rwanda are great cases for this. Second test is decreasing the out of pocket consumption. Third, diminishing wasteful and unjust utilization of assets. Different difficulties are enhancing the responsiveness, value, nature of social insurance administrations, utilization of IT for accomplishing UHC et cetera. WHO report proposes three interrelated wellbeing financing key alternatives:

  1. Raising adequate store for wellbeing
  2. Lessening substantial dependence on coordinate out of pocket cash
  3. Lessening and taking out wasteful and biased utilization of assets.

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