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The Values and Beliefs That Make One a Person of Integrity

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The term Integrity fosters positive culture in any organization whether it is a college or a high profile company. This memo highlights the importance of integrity and why it is so necessary to have amongst us. Core values make the workplace perform better where honesty, trust and honour are the key elements of integrity. Employees and students who act with integrity will always treat everyone with respect and are accountable for their work and doings. Irrespective of any circumstances it teaches to follow moral convictions helping in total organizational development. In the managerial world, it reflects in the hierarchy of the managers. Pressure from different levels can cause stress which can put the concept of integrity in doubt.

Nowadays, there is lot of stress and pressure on an individual which challenges people at every point and which sometimes result is negative direction like cheating especially students. For students, it is likely to be found cheated if struggling constantly over the same thing. Even, the above average students choose this option because of the completion between each other and to always stand first. When cheated they don’t feel ashamed unless caught which is a big disadvantage of academic integrity. Students learn about integrity during school time where the teachers should infuse integrity in classroom itself so that they articulate expectations about the academic integrity and consequences of not following. This can be done by measuring student’s capability beyond grades like award them for their courage or whenever they do something good. Appreciation makes them to value such qualities which can’t be measured through grades. While there is so much of cheat and dishonesty in today’s world give them live example of how people still stand up for their beliefs and values which makes noticeable difference in our lives also. However, it is important to have integrity at workplace whether as a manager or an employee because it gives us moral values which leads to success and moreover make people to respect you. Because, living and acting with integrity allows you to feel good about yourself as a moral person.

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It takes stronger inner belief to conquer greed and master one’s mind. But sometimes even we fail to master it and feel helpless. “One distinguishing quality of an honest person is the habit of assessing their own performance. It takes a good bit of integrity after viewing a piece of work to say where it turned out poorly and where it turned out superbly. It takes even more honesty and imagination to say how that piece of work could be performed better. And it takes even more honesty and imagination still to improve oneself.” Even though some people thinks cheating is acceptable and fair to gain success as in today’s world ethics has become major joke. One also gets influenced from our surroundings like administrators and faculty department which makes cheating acceptable. All this creates ethical ambiguity and as per the research suggests many professors consider cheating as unauthorized collaboration which falls in gray area. Obviously, cheating is not limited to college and schools. There are many scandals tracked in the High Profile Corporation, company and organization. Even today’s generation have witnessed many incidents where a big reputed personality as a leader or government officials getting no real punishment which highlights that cheating is acceptable. “Values and beliefs – circumstances may change from time to time, but having values might make a person less prone to changing his or her mind in tough situations.”

Here, people are so used to achieve Win/Win situation that we are not used to deal with failure properly and instead to accept it we choose to cheat. For a manager, managing a team is a hard task leading to challenges. And as a manager, you are unique and art of leadership lies in polishing their employees. It may help to view a purpose and also clear your head and supports the larger cause to the organization. Good managers are good communicators. They respect and optimize their contribution which shows an act of integrity. And hence, if they cannot keep up with the act of honesty and integrity there is no honourable success guaranteed in future.


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