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  • Looking for a Better Life
  • Everyone's Faith is Part of the Law
  • Just Do

Looking for a Better Life

If you haven't heard this enough, America is one of the most diverse countries. Reason being everyone have came from immigrants. Whether it's been five years agos or one hundred years ago. Immigrants came here for a new and better life. Ever since America has came a long way, especially through the hardships. Now it is a very wealthy and prideful country. We have freedom, we have opportunities to grow. Us Americans are actually very lucky.

Because most people came to America for the same reason we were usually very accepting. But sometimes stereotypes that have been made of different races somewhat developed a strange hatred between races. From that America has been through a lot of difficulties. Difficulties such as segregation. Slowly but surely America has progressed from our differences. On an online site, A More Perfect Union, citizens shared what they thought being an American meant. It showed that, today Americans are very proud of where they've came from. We have learned that our differences made every one of us closer as a country. We have learned from each other and inherited different foods, beliefs and culture. This has made America so beautifully diverse.

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Everyone's Faith is Part of the Law

In America freedom is a big thing. Freedom of speech is a main topic amongst Americans. On an online article, What Does It Mean to "Be American"?, on, it states "Anyone can say whatever they want and, even if I don't agree with them, they're still protected by law and it's my job to enforce." This implies that as a citizen of America you or I can say my opinion freely and no one has to agree. This also means that I don't have to follow anyone's opinions or beliefs. A right to have any opinion on any topic is truly a worryless freeing feeling. I can believe what I want and say it and no one can do anything about it.

Just Do

Many people have came to America to start a new life. America was known to have many opportunities for anybody. But that comes with hard work. In another online article, What Immigrants Say About Life In The United States, on, it states "...the understanding that, without hard work, their dream of America as the land of plenty will not come through.". To my understanding, Immigrants committed when deciding to come to America. Committed to the hard work they know they had to go through to get what they came here for. Many Americans became hard working because they quickly learned that what they wanted were not given.

Bottom line America's citizens, no matter what color, age, or race we all became one to represent our country. We are truly very lucky to be where we are because to most America is a land of plenty. We are also truly the land of the free.

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