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What Kind of Practice Helps Develop Mastery in an Area?

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There are many kind of practice that helps develop mastery, some might keep practicing but end up not improving Hambrick as cited by (Ericsson, 2016). It is essential to step outside your comfort zone and to try something new, productive that might actually improve your skills. Having an experience in particular area might be really helpful, purposeful practice is having the mental representation to be able to perform a particular task which is all the matter in the end as it is related to our physical neurons (Ericsson, 2016). Delibrate practice is necessary to push your comfort zone and force yourself to come up with what is called mental representation. It is all about the quality and the quantity. There is a strategy called effective mental representation which helps a person to replicate and represent the exact situation in their mind.

Ericsson hired a undergraduate student named Steve to practice a string of random digits and to repeat them back, he was able to recall seven at certain amount of time that is actually the most steady limit a human brain can recall any information but Steve got frustrated as he couldn’t recall more due to this prolonged frustration there was a rapid progress in hitting a perceived limit, he can now remember eighty two digits of information, practice is important again it is about the quality not the quantity, doctor who have practice for twenty years are no better than doctors who have been practicing for five years (Ericsson, 2016). Another strategy called purposeful practice has four components which are pretty simple the first is to have a specific short term goal for instance today’s goal is to learn thirteen digits the next day is to learn fourteen, second is intense focus for certain amount of time with no distraction, third is to get feedback from a person to understand your level of improvement and to fix the mistakes and last but not least is to have frequent discomfort which means to push outside of comfort zone. The right sort of practice which is carried out for a perfect amount of time leads to improvement (Ericsson, 2016). In conclusion it’s not about practicing for couple of hours, it’s about practicing couple of hours with deliberate practice, find the mistakes and fix them the next time you will be very good in an specific area.

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