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What Led Me To Pursue A Degree In Mechanical Engineering

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As a mechanical engineering graduate striving to attain the topmost heights in the field of engineering management in the industry, through the years I have developed a keen interest for the field of mechanical engineering, using science and technology to find lasting solutions to daily challenges. Living in a harsh country with a low standard of living and the cost of living is very high cost of living coupled with high rates of unemployment, this has driven me to acquire more knowledge in order to achieve excellence in my field and to be a reliable dependable person in the industry and to effect a positive change in my country.

This drive has led me to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering from your prestigious university which will not only improve and supplement my previous knowledge, it will be a step towards achieving my long-term goals i.e. achieving the highest level of engineering and management in the field of mechanical engineering.

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I was born into a family of six, my electrical engineer father, who aroused in me the interest of the engineering discipline, worked for Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). As a young boy growing up looking up to my father as a model, I always watched him carry out repairs on faulty household equipment and appliances in order to save costs, and in my spare time, i would tinker around and try to put together broken toys, and even build some of mine from scraps.

Some days after the close of school, my dad would take me to his workplace and i would watch while he worked, consequently, as time went on I developed an insatiable keen interest to find out how things worked, their principles of operation from little items like small toys to much larger machines like rockets as I gained exposure, I was always pushed to learn and study harder alongside the extracurricular science clubs (JETS club), which instilled in me the curiosity for knowledge most especially in science related subjects Mathematics, Introductory tech.

With my eye for perfection and my talent in arts coupled with my science background, I joined the technical class where I studied subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Mathematics and F/Mathematics during my secondary education, my curiosity, ingenuity and inventions won me the award of the most creative student, by the classmates. I aced my WASSCE and Cambridge Examinations with distinctions in Mathematics, F/Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, and secured an admission into Covenant University to study Mechanical Engineering.

I was appointed as the Course representative during my first year where I learnt valuable interpersonal relation skills, conflict resolution, and management skills. During my undergraduate studies I took courses such as Engineering Mathematics, Fluid mechanics, vibrations, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics, Metallurgy, Robotics, Heat and Mass transfer, Engineering Graphics etc. My talent of arts and attention to detail gave me an edge in design courses with the use of 3D & 2D machine design software like Autodesk AutoCAD & Inventor professional, and Catia Solid works, which aided me in my final project, “The design of an organic fertilizer processing plant”. The project which involved the design a plant made of four different machines, was aimed at designing a machine to convert waste agricultural biomass into organic fertilizer as a solution to reduce waste. Consequently, the organic fertilizer when sold can serve as a source of additional income for small scale farmers in my country, because of my proficiency in the use of the design software, I was appointed as the project team leader of my project group.

In the years 2013 and 2015, I was exposed to the industry via the SWEP and SIWES program as a part of our curriculum. I did my industrial training in Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited, where I was opportune to work in the mechanical maintenance department. During the internship, my eagerness to learn and my readiness to work was commended by the Maintenance Manager. One of lessons I learnt during the internship is the need to cultivate an attitude of safety consciousness, which was the backbone of the organization. After graduation, I completed my one-year mandatory youth service program NYSC where I taught science subjects in a secondary school and prepared them for final WASSCE examinations, while in university and during my mandatory service year I took part in various community development projects and outreaches, organizing sensitizations on environmental awareness, effects of poor waste management, flooding and global warming, and also reaching out and providing support to destitute, orphans and disabled children. Because of my diligence and enthusiasm, I was appointed as the vice president of both the Destitute Support Group (DSG) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Nkanu-West Chapter in my University and Local Government Area respectively.

After completing my service year, I joined Abbeycourt Energy Services Limited as a Maintenance Engineer and served as the Technical adviser to the Operations manager assisting with adhoc reports, proposals and scheduling as at when needed (HSE Fire Warden), I was later employed as an Autosampler and LACT UnitOperator in an oil flow station by Nagos Project Limited, both jobs on a contract basis for Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL), this was a very challenging assignment but working alongside a team of experienced engineers and learning from them, with time I became familiar with the machines and it became easy to apply the principles and knowledge learned in the university, enhancing my technical expertise.

After working for a certain number of years and amassing experience, I strongly feel the need to pursue further education in order to advance in my career and to achieve my long-term goal of effecting a positive change in my country and after making my research, I find that a prestigious university like yours is the best choice for me.

Perusing through the university website, I’m very enthralled by the accomplished and dedicated faculty, the research attitude shown by your historical accomplishments, the drive for innovation shown by the accomplishments of your enterprising students and alumni, the serene environment of the campus and the facilities the university has to offer its students. Ranking among the top 100 best universities in the world, top 50 in the field of engineering and top 20 in the country with employability ratings of confirm statistics indicating its record of excellence, I also realize that the curriculum and courses offered cuts across the relevant fields of knowledge required by the modern-day mechanical engineer, from fluid mechanics, to engineering thermodynamics among others, given the university statistics and accomplishments I believe that studying at your university would be the best platform to achieving greatness in life.

I recognize that pursuing this course at your university requires a high level of intelligence and diligence but I am confident that I have the capability to contribute positively towards your great university and with hope, I am looking forward with great anticipation to you accepting me into your esteemed institution and granting me admission in my desired course.


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