A Straight Connection of Lifestyle to Our Health


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As we all know, the lifestyles of people across the world have been changing over years as humans continue to develop and grow themselves through various ways. Regarding the history, the world has evolved because people have changed their ways of communicating, behaving, dressing and entertaining themselves among other activities. When you travel to different continents, you will notice that people from various places like china eat, entertain and travel within their country using different ways when compared to those in Africa. Looking at different societies, you will notice that people live according to their societal expectations. The community has a great impact in dictating how people should dress, behave while among people of varied age and also how they entertain themselves.

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Factors Influencing Lifestyle

Social classes, culture, reference groups and family play a major role in influencing people’s lifestyle. For instance, the society teaches young people to live in a way that will enable them to raise their families through the changing social, physical and psychological issues on their daily basis. This conditioning of living from the influence of culture and family is seen in youths and young adults in different parts of the world who struggle to cope through working hard. Young people imitate and do what the culture perceives as norm. For example, women from Muslim culture are inhibited from wearing clothes that pertain to a man. In this case, l think that Muslim women put on special attires that cover their whole body to create a good image in their society. Your appearance before people reflects your own image and conduct. However, there are other communities in which the way of dressing especially in women does not matter a lot. For example, in the United States and other parts of the world, women especially atheists and Christian believers are not inhibited from wearing attires that pertains to a man. These differences, therefore, are proof that indeed culture, family and social life have a great influence in people’s lifestyle.

Lifestyle and Health

Our lifestyle as citizens matters a lot especially when it comes to matters concerning health. In this case, it is important for you as an individual to live a healthy lifestyle by avoid consuming foods that interfere with your health. Unlike in traditional years, the life in the modern world is easier than before. Communication and ways of moving or transporting goods to different areas is much easier and this has created a lot of comfort. As an individual, you need to ensure that while you enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, you also spare some time to exercise and burn excess fats which accumulate due to consumption of junk foods. Furthermore, the use of electrical devices like phones among others has created passive entertainment. The use of technology prevents children from participating in active games making it hard for them to exercise the parts of their body and in turn develop diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Impact of Lifestyle on Market

The current lifestyle has promoted and expanded the market through different ways. Business people who sell varied products have been able to grow due to the changing lifestyle. As usual, people have desires to look good before the public. They want to live in a happy environment and feeling comfortable. With such desires therefore, individuals have been forced to work extra hard to fulfil their desires and in turn help in developing the world in industrial areas, business and music among others as they seek to please themselves.

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