A True Leader: Main Qualities and Characteristics

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Leadership can either make or break an organisation, department or country. Therefore, while assigning or electing a leader, it becomes very important to determine one that would lead the subordinates or people in their guidance or care to success. Here, the issue given at hand demands our attention to discuss those aspects of leaders required in government, industry and other spheres which can bring about success. Here, at one hand it is contested that for a leader to be successful, their spirit must be highly competitive while the opposing group requires a leader to be willing to cooperate with others.

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While commenting on the first stance, where competitiveness is attributed to the fortuitous results, there might be multitudes of minds which would agree with the claim. And the assertion can be justified on reasoning that a competitive mind will look for ways to be better than the competitors and hence keep them step ahead. While it may be plausible so in some cases, it is far-stretched to say that this can lead to success. Say, a competitive leader is appointed at the head of an organisation with such a competitive spirit that it may lead to eventual destruction of organisation or dissatisfaction within the organisation. The leader, in their spirit to compete, may let go of values and morals, just to stand above the opponents; putting in jeopardy the structure of the organisation. This can invite enemies or adversaries to look out for.

Humans are social creature and have always since the beginning days lived in societies. Therefore, to live within a society, cooperation is a desired trait. The leaders who have this art can take their nation, industry far ahead. The very essence of cooperation is to work together with others towards the same end. And when you work with different minds towards a same goal, the strengths are united rather than divided. Cooperation requires a trust among people which can build further relationships and ally. Moreover, working in collaboration can bring in new ideas and innovation whose amalgamation can result in pronounced success. This can be seen in the world’s United Nation, which is an intergovernmental organisation which has member countries from around the globe working together for the mutual betterment of the nations. Together, the UN tackles issues like world hunger, poverty, and proper sanitisation.

Adding to this, while working in collaboration, it can be determined that whether the way of working is healthy or not. When there are parties or people who can assess the ideas while in progress stage, it becomes easier to regulate them and check for faults.

To summarise, while it may be difficult to judge what would make a leader worthwhile, it cannot be said conclusively that the competitive leader will lead to success but a healthy cooperation of like minds can bring in fruitful results.

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