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My name is Erik and I was born in a family of heroes. The first thing that comes to mind about heroes and what makes a person a hero are their bravery when encountering an enemy. However, I’m nothing like them, you see I am what they call a scaredy-cat. Unlike my brother, Leon who is known as a prodigy at his age, I couldn’t even handle the smell the blood. One good whiff of it is enough to freeze me in place. Being born in a family of heroes makes it even worse for me as I was called a disgrace by my father. Even though, I knew that all those insults thrown at me was to make me stronger, but it still hurts knowing that I could never meet up to his expectation. Then one day, we were asked to slay the dragon that had burned down an entire village. I had no choice but to follow my brother as that is our job as heroes after all.

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So, we began to gather and put together some items needed to defeat the dragon. I sheathed in the sword we requested from the blacksmith although I knew that I will not be using it at all due to my fear of blood as well as my incompetency in handling it. As we set on our journey to the resting place of the dragon, Leon assured me that I will be fine and that he has my back if anything bad were to happen.

Eventually, we arrived at the entrance of the dragon’s cave. We were greeted by some foul stench which seems to be coming out of the cave. The cave was dark and the odour there doesn’t make it any better. There were remnants of bones lying on the ground. I was frozen in place as I knew that we have reached our destination. However, we soon came to the realization that the dragon was not at home. I sighed in relieve and began to devise a plan whereas my brother, Leon rested before the battle began.

Since I was afraid of fighting the dragon head on I decided to try and idea of trapping the dragon. I planted a few dynamite on the entrance of the cave and hooked it up to a plunger box. This idea was made possible as while I was looking for some items I came across a few miners and they requested assistance to get one of their friends out due to the cave-in they caused. So, I helped them out and in return I was presented with some dynamites.

Before I could even hook it up to the plunger box we suddenly heard a loud growling noise approaching closer to the cave. Leon immediately get up and assume his stance to prepare for battle while I shook in terror of the huge beast. Leon jumped forward but with a wave of the dragon’s tail, he was flung away and was rendered unconscious, I tried to connect the lines together with the plunger box but my hands were shaking. Finally, the sound of the wire clicks and with my shaky hands I activated the dynamites with the box. The cave exploded causing the boulders to fall on the dragon, immobilizing it.

I ran to my brother’s side to check if his alright and sigh in relieve that he wasn’t dead. At that moment I realize that the dragon did not try to break free at all. Maybe it has decided its fate I thought to myself as I approach the dragon. Our eyes met and I unconsciously asked why did it destroyed the nearby village. To my surprise, the dragon answered and said that he had no intention of hurting the villagers.

The dragon explained that he did not start the fire in that village and that it was all a misunderstanding. Instead the reason for his appearance was to save the people there but since he is a dragon, the villagers regarded him as a beast. All the dragon wanted was to make friends as it was living in solitude for at least 300 years now. I began laughing at the dragon for its idea of making friends was ludicrous and so I decided to help clear his name.

Leon was unconscious so i set up camp nearby the dragon’s cave. When Leon woke up the next day,I explained the situation to him and he agreed to help. Then, we made our way back to the village on the dragon. As we arrived at the village, the villagers ran and screamed at the sight of the dragon. “Don’t run,” I said to the villager as the dragon landed on the ground. We explained to the villager on how the dragon can help us and that it was just an understanding. Some took side with us while others didn’t and refuse to let the dragon live together in the village. About 3 months later, the villagers started to get used to it and the ones that were once ignorant learned to live harmoniously with it.

The dragon became the villages’ guardian and the village is wealthy due to its master in ironwork and pottery crafting. This is because the villagers are able to utilize the dragon’s flaming breathe to their advantage. We visit the village at times when we have nothing to do. Though that encounter with the dragon did not make me braver, it certainly taught me what makes a person a hero, that a true hero is someone who understands the feeling of others and able to show sympathy with everyone including their enemies. To this day, I believe that not all heroes need to be brave or skilled in combat they just have to do what they can with their own power.

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