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What Makes a Person Innocent

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The unique thing about people is that they all go through different situations. Situations whereas, they might have been seventeen and instead of getting geeked out about prom and graduations, they had to pull extra shifts and help the family out to make ends meet. On the other hand, they were well provided for and didn’t have to lack anything. Therefore, defining a person’s innocence is vague and it is difficult to conclude who is and who isn’t. There aren’t any adults I know who are innocent, but there are a lot of my friends and classmates who were forced to leave their childhood and started to fend for themselves and others.

I never really had a permanent home, up until recently, where my parents decided to buy a house in northern California. I lived in the western Chicagoland area before heading out west and before that, I lived in Florida. You earn quite a bit of friends when you move cities; people know of you and most of the time, you were labeled as “the new kid” in class. Being pulled out of school and being put in a different school was the norm for me. Being in a new environment was the norm for me. Another norm I possess is making small talk and initiating conversation. Eventually, it became easy for me and I made several friends along the way. A friend that sticks out to me the most is my friend, Francine. Being fourteen and wanting friends, I grew a friendship with who now is my closest friend to this day. I knew she was very mature for her age because of the way she looked after her siblings. She would go home right after school and pick them up from preschool and proceeded to make dinner. She would often bathe her youngest sister, Bella, and tuck her into bed. Her parents were present, of course, but with a mortgage and other bills piled on the table, she was inclined to help and, in her words, “It’s my responsibility as the older sister.” (Aguilar, 2012)

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When I moved to California, making friends and familiarizing myself with people were more difficult because being in college, people typically tend to do is attend class and leave. Meeting my close friend, Brandon, was a coincidence because I have heard of him online through my friends. I finally met him after months and got to know him. He wasn’t much younger than I or my friends, but to us, he was the baby of the group. Brandon shared with me that he didn’t have a stable family growing up. His mother was into drugs and she was in and out of rehab and his father wasn’t present and not until about five years ago he reconnected with him. He grew up being raised by his grandparents. Brandon often told me that he wished he had a normal family and how he looked forward to going home and have dinner with them, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. (Acevedo, 2017)

In conclusion, there will be instances in our lives where it will be undoubtedly inevitable. There will be situations where a freshman student in high school should be enjoying their high school career joining clubs or making friends instead of going home and looking after their siblings. Also, looking at Brandon’s situation he would rather spend playing games with his friends instead of dealing with the drama he has going on with his family. Life is far from perfect; it’s not meant to be perfect. It depends on the person how they want to tackle these obstacles. 


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