What Makes America Great: Power of Freedom


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The Answer to the Main Question is Freedom

Well, that’s a great question. I think of theAmerican Dream, a government-created to defend the rights of everyone. Thepursuit of happiness, the driver of the American spirit, that defines America.The Declaration of Independence protects your opportunity to improve your life,despite who you are. That’s why America is so great. The freedom to help us,for the good of us.

We Have Someone to Thank

This freedom doesn’t just come in a fast, but ratherservice. That’s the service of our Soldiers! Our Soldiers, every single day wakes up with amindset to protect our liberties of America, freedom, to defend ourconstitution. They wake up with the thoughts of others in front of their own.That’s the dedication, that moves what America is, and what is to become. Andrew Bernstein once said, ‘The hero isthe man dedicated to the creation and/or defense of reality-conforming,life-promoting values.’. The hero (our veterans) man or woman, dedicatedto protecting life-promoting values is what makes America so great. We shouldbe thanking every single solider, currently previously honorable died duringservice, for the ultimate sacrifice they have made. That sacrifice allows us tobe us, that sacrifice allows us to have a say in our government, allows freedomto protest, freedom of religion, that sacrifice allows me to play sports,allows me to express my opinions, most of all that sacrifice allows us todisplay our American flag, our American colors. That sacrifice allows us to berecognized as America. So, what makes America sogreat? Well, that’s our veterans, our soldiers. Veterans aren’t just formersoldiers: They’re professors, lawyers, doctors, business people, and publicservants who continue to achieve and innovate after they’ve completed theirmilitary service. Veterans have been driving force behind countless noteworthyachievements — from historic milestones like walking on the moon down tohelping people out of burning forests. Then, they use their talents to changethe world for the better.

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This is just a small sampling, that is proof of thepowerful positive influence veterans have in everyday life. Therefore, Americais so great for what our Veterans our soldiers do to protect us. Veterans arespecial because of who they are … They are special because they dare to fight.Veterans put other people before themselves. They protect their families andinnocent people. That’s what makes America so great!

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