The Personal and Interpersonal Qualities that Make an Effective Manager


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Today, most workplaces host a multi-generational staff and have many employees bearing different personalities and coming from different cultures. With that in mind, I strongly believe in promoting a cohesive workplace of equal opportunities.

Schwartz, B (2014, March) mentions the state of modern work ethics, where a majority of the population toil away lifelessly. Many of whom get by daily for a pay check. The development and advancement of technology has caused many existing jobs to become mundane as technology is able to carry out the same work more efficiently. By simplifying the skills in which professionals have taken time to master, it also devalues their value as an employee to their establishment. This has brought about a phenomenon in which he calls “Idea Technology”.

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Humans tend to adapt our way of living and our outlook on our situations based upon how we view our own shortcomings. This is problematic as traditional issues such as defective or obsolete machinery can be easily replaced. Whereas human ideas are malleable and not tangible, we can easily change the environment around us to fit our preferences instead of correcting our errors. This has led to the problem of employers treating their employees as nothing more than just a cog in a wheel.

When employees are placed in a situation where their skills and experience are merely tools for their employers, work becomes meaningless and monotonous. There is no reason for anyone to excel in their field and eventually, it breaks the working man into a more mindless form that performs the minimally. A leader who shows little to no interest in the people whom they were put in place to lead, a divide in the workforce is imminent. Employees cannot look up to their leaders for inspiration and employers are unable to understand the needs of their employed. There is no common ground in which both the leaders and the followers are working on. Instead, everyone is only working upon their own roles.

In the light of these issues, managers can adopt several changes in a workplace. Firstly, managers can drive workers on through friendly competition between employees. As human beings we are all competitive by nature, some more so than others. By creating an open opportunity for everyone to showcase their capabilities, it not only promotes the best from every participating individual, but it allows the more introverted workers an outlet to express themselves as well. Losing a competition may not be a negative thing, managers can jump on the opportunity to turn it into a discussion where everyone learns together, thus allowing for co-workers to bond together. By rewarding those who done well, they also a company is like any other working system, with its different teams and manpower functioning together. By nurturing a sense of belonging in its workforce, employees can acknowledge their own importance in the company and not be devalued. Studies have shown that us as human beings are constantly seeking each other’s company and approval.

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