What Makes Architecture Interesting for Me

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What makes architecture interesting for me is the wide array of research and understanding I have to go through to solve a problem and arrive at the perfect solution. This design process is something I’ve always integrated in my day to day life. I am passionate about creating. I sketch, I build different things and use my time to figure out how to repurpose or invent objects that will help me out in my daily activities. I have always found it fulfilling to look at problems from different angles and to think outside the box.

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The most beautiful aspect of architecture as a profession is how the industry seems to welcome the individuality of each person. Of course, this shows up in designing buildings, but even beyond that, I am allowed, and in fact encouraged, to have a style which can manifest beyond my work.

Outside of architecture, I lead a life filled with outdoors experience. I photograph underwater when I dive, I am always intrigued by not only man made architecture, but nature made. I do some woodworking and I am currently working on designing a speargun.

One of my inspirations is Frank Gehry. I joined his online master class to understand a bit of what goes on behind the scenes of such a genius creator. I have realized there is always something to be learned, even after finishing architecture school, and this encourages me to pursue this career even more, as I am always reading and wanting to improve and add to my knowledge. I don’t think we ever finish learning. I studied architecture in Alba, Balamand for two years. I’ve trained to manage my stress and time under pressure. I have hand drawn and rendered all my projects to this date, as well as learned how to proficiently use autocad, 3d max, Solidworks, and Adobe Photoshop.

Moreover, what I’ve discovered is that architecture school can be challenging, but it is mostly a very dynamic experience. Knowledge and theories from other fields are openly welcomed, which proves how varied this field is. This is why I chose the University of Nicosia. I have so much to offer the program in terms of individuality in my background. I am very curious about how different parts of the world live and are accommodated to unalike types of architectures. I have lived in separate parts of both Romania and Lebanon and was very lucky to observe very individual types of architecture. However, I am sure that studying architecture in Nicosia will help me take one step further into becoming a more innovative and original architect. Your university is such an international experience that is sure to make me meet students and teachers with so many different inspirations and outlooks on this profession. Looking at the program and the courses this university offers for architecture students, I feel I will be allowed to thrive and be aided into tapping into new inspirations and understanding how to mix my personal style with such a complex career.

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