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What Makes Kerala A Hotspot For Food Lovers?

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Everyone is aware that nature has blessed ‘God’s own country’ Kerala with extraordinary laid-back beaches to stroll on, tropical backwaters for relaxing houseboat cruises and dense forest landscapes for swaying elephant rides.

What is unknown to many is that Kerala is also quickly becoming one of the best foodie spots for both, travellers and locals. This charming state is known as the ‘Land of Spices’ and if you don’t mind some zings to enhance your palette, you can devour into Kerala’s largely coconut based cuisine which is also among one of India’s most delicious gastronomy. This South Indian state provides for some of the best options in food styles that is a must savour for every visitor.

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Best Cities for Food in Kerala and its Must Have Dishes


Both colourful and rich, Kochi’s cuisine is flavoured with the spices from its bountiful land. The best local food in Kochi comprises of layers of ginger, turmeric, cardamom and pepper paired with an abundance of fish. The now burgeoning foodie culture also includes Kochi street food items such as chicken and parota and appam. Chicken and parota is a delicacy that very few non-vegetarians can resist and can be best enjoyed on the streets. The Appam food of Kerala is one of the most popular dishes widely available in Kerala. It is a pancake made out of fermented rice batter and garnished with curry leaves. Also, another must have street delicacy is the Malabar biryani. It is highly flavoured and aromatic and is served with chicken, mutton or egg.

If you are looking at fine dining options, then the Fort house restaurant Kochi is the place to go to. It is a waterside restaurant and it specializes in grilled or flash fried fish. If you are an art lover, visit the Kashi art café that also doubles as an art gallery. Kashi’s French toast is the signature dish that one must try.


The best place to relax your mind and rewind is Kerala’s quaint city of Munnar. Sip on a hot cup of coffee or enjoy some aromatic variety of tea that is freshly plucked from its gardens. Munnar is also a heaven for non-vegetarian food fans. Fish and beef make for the staple food here. The must try food in Munnar is Kerala prawn curry. It is a traditional titbit sprinkled with chilli powder, salt, pepper and then dipped in coconut milk and jaggery. It is finally garnished and served with curry leaves.

Sarvana Bhavan is what lures all vegetarians for exotic south Indian food. Puttu food of Kerala which are steamed cylinders of ground rice can be consumed at this eatery. The treetop restaurant is nestled amidst lush greenery and serves its visitors with hot Kerala fish curry, a range of mendu wadas and coconut thoran.

One of the most popular varieties of snacks that makes this town famous is the banana chips. Banana chips in Kerala are fried in coconut oil giving the wafers a distinct taste and crispiness.


Alleppey is known to have a vibrant street food culture. It is not only unique to big towns and such passion for sinful eating is pretty much prevalent in the small towns of Kerala too. The street food in Alleppey is where you have your hands on the tapioca chips. It is a quick snack that is prepared from thinly sliced tapioca and is fried in coconut oil after being mixed with specified spices. Idayappam is another treat for food lovers. It is made out of wheat flour and also rice flour at some places along with salt and water and is usually served with curry. At many places for breakfast, Idayappam is served with sweet coconut milk.

Another dish to ravish is the Payasam. Varieties of this desert food are widely available that is made out of multiple combinations of rice, wheat, vermicelli, fruits, starch bases, jaggery and coconut milk. After savouring all these dishes, try Pulissery. It is basically buttermilk with some distinctive flavours added to it. It is topped with turmeric powder and green chilli paste and is apparently very good for digestion.


Ernakulam is famous for preparing dishes with coconut as its base and the use of a lot of spices that gives every item a very tangy taste. Almost all dishes are punched with much use of tamarind.

Buffet breakfast in Ernakulam brings forward an exceptional culinary adeptness. If you are residing in this town, hop to places that serve buffet meals to taste little portions of everything this town offers.

Ernakulam serves the tastiest variety of sea food including sardines, mackerel, tuna, shark, crab, mussels and even oysters. Karimeen which is fried fish is the most popularly relished dish. The Kerala Sadhya is another traditional meal for vegetarians. It is a vegetable curry served with boiled rice and pickle and is served on a banana leaf. Ali Baba and 41 dishes in Panampilly Nagar and Ginger House Restaurant at Matancherry are famous if you wish to indulge in some Mughlai or Italian food respectively.

If you wish to munch on small plates, try Avial which is a popular side dish. It is made with a combination of numerous well available vegetables like drumstick, potato, pumpkin etc. and served with coconut mush.


Trivandrum is the capital and the prime town of the Indian state of Kerala. This evergreen city of India houses beautiful jade sceneries and food hubs. This is where you try your hands on some succulent Kerala styled Biryani, beef and other meat preparations and a host of other unique dishes. The fusion of Arabian, Indian, Persian and European styles of cooking results in Thalassery cuisine Kerala which is also a mandatory dish to have when you are in this South Indian state.

Hotel Arul Jyothi is a vegetarian’s delight and is a must try restaurant in Trivandrum. It provides you with some scrumptious food along with an exceptional ambience which leaves you back with some peaceful recalls of the entire day. Open House is one of the best bistro known for its delicious chilly chicken place one can ever have. Apart from this, dosa is the main food which tourists prefer to eat. The best dosa in Kerala can be devoured here that is wadded with ghee and served with fresh coconut chutney along with some appetizing sambhar.


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