The Reason Why Wind Energy is a Preferable Alternative Energy Source

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A Greater Alternative

What if our modern world and civilization was powered by a supreme, clean, and reliable energy source, powerful enough to power a thriving planet such as earth, but quiet enough to keep our atmosphere free of pollution? You may be wondering: what source would deliver to such expectations? Your answer lies in wind energy. Today, fossil fuels are putting every individual person at risk, including those who refuse to use fossil fuels. This is a violation of the constitution, as it mitigates an individual’s pursuit of happiness. However, the switch to wind energy would not force any harm upon someone who is against wind energy. Therefore, the human race should switch to wind energy as an alternate energy source as opposed to fossil fuels because of the high energy output, low environmental issues, and because it supports the common good.

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Wind energy has little negative impacts on the environment. The usage of wind turbines themselves emits no harmful gasses, or other substances that could cause harm to the environment. On the other hand, wind turbines are killing birds by the thousands yearly. However, the amount of bird deaths caused by wind turbines is miniscule compared to the amount of bird deaths caused by American homes (AWEA-Wind Energy). If the death of birds is really such a large concern, why don’t we do something about windows: the greater risk to birds?

In addition to being environmentally friendly, wind turbines also produce a sustainable amount of clean energy.

Wind turbines also produce a decent amount of energy. The amount of energy produced by a single wind farm is enough to sustain a large city, such as New York. People who oppose wind energy argue that wind energy cannot be produced at all times. However, wind turbines can produce about 50-300 watts each (Oregon-energy). Keeping in mind that a single wind turbine can contain hundreds of wind turbines, the energy produced is enough to sustain the world if we were to use wind energy primarily. Also, in order to have enough space for wind farms, the government must enforce eminent domain on United States citizens, but provides for the common good.

The placement of wind turbines often forces eminent domain upon citizens. However, the land taken from citizens is for a good cause—for the production of energy. Eminent domain is unfair to those that have their land taken away if they aren’t willing. The United States constitution however protects eminent domain. Also, the energy production of wind turbines provides for the common good, because the energy produced affects more that those affected by eminent domain, providing for the common good. Wind energy has little environmental issues, has sustainable energy output, and provides for the common good.

Wind energy is the best alternate energy source for humans to start using because it is clean, supports the constitution, and produces a stable amount of energy. Wind energy is not harmful to the environment and has no huge negative impacts. Also, wind turbines create a sustainable amount of energy. Finally, wind energy provides for the common good of the people. Therefore, the government should make the switch to wind energy when the time comes when we are in need of a clean, reliable energy source.

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