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What makes window cleaning so important for your home?

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Today, we’ve got busy lives. We like to do work in order to earn money and raise our living standard. But in this hustle bustle, we forget most of the important things that we should do. We take them for granted by thinking that they are not important. One of them is window cleaning. Might you ever think of it? How much difference can clean windows make to your home and to the atmosphere?

There are several benefits of window cleaning. We will discuss some important ones.

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Windows perform heavy duty:

Windows are the warriors that save us from all the natural disasters. It keeps our home clean from dust and dirt. But what if the warrior itself is not strong enough to protect others? Intense weathers have a great impact on windows. They are exposed to extreme heat, sunlight or acid rain etc. By the time, they become flimsy and lose their clarity. The longer you leave them grubby, they will become less reliable. Long-term ignorance can make window frames rusty and untidy. So in order to have better protection, one should take care of his windows.

Effects of smoke:

Smoke damages home. The smoke film, as a result of cooking, burning fire in the fireplace, due to candles, or cigarettes or any other reason, not only damages windows but it also discolors the walls. It can leave lasting odor at home. Smoke leaves a lot of residue on the windows which effects breathing and looks unpleasant.

Increasing of heat resistance:

With the passage of time, your windows become older. Dirty windows have millions of dust particles residing on their surface and blocking the sun-rays from entering your home. These dust particles reflect the ultraviolet radiations and do not allow them to go inside. It lowers their efficiency and they become opaque.

Lowers the cost of a home:

Windows are regarded as the eyes of the house. If clean windows can add beauty to your home then untidy and dirty windows can throw a very bad impression on people. It even lowers the cost of your home. If you are selling home, then presentation matters a lot. It just not only gives a good impression but helps you get a better price for your home.

Reduced life:

Our windows have to face and fight with tough weathers. Even if they do their job very efficiently, they are still affected by the weather. If you do not take care of your windows, then their life will get reduced. Dirt particles with a stick to it and if you leave it dirty for a long period of time, then it will become impossible to clean them.

Negative effects:

Leaving your windows dirty have many negative effects on the atmosphere as well as on your family. Windows are made up of glass and glass is a porous material. It means that microorganisms can stick to the windows and can build up in the pores and can affect the robustness of the windows. If these microorganisms grow inside the window, then it can affect breathing.


If the windows are exposed to atmospheric moisture and oxygen for a prolonged period of time, then a phenomenon called ‘rusting’ occurs. Rusting damages the steel and it eats up the window frame gradually. So in order to keep the windows rust-free, it is very important to take care of them.

Better view:

Nature soothes the soul. Cool breeze refreshes the mind. When you’re stressed out, you can enjoy snow falling or rain from your window. But what if your window fails to give you a clear view? That’s because you never thought of giving ‘window cleaning’ as much importance as it deserves. Keeping your window clean can help you see a beautiful scene of spring which soothes you and make you feel cherished!


By keeping windows dirty, you allow dirt particles and microorganisms to pollute the atmospheric air, which in turn causes skin allergies, itching eyes and running nose etc. one can reduce the influence of germs by cleaning windows regularly and taking care of them.


Dirty windows ruin your house’s outer look. Even if you clean your windows from the inside, but only from inside is not enough. You need to clean them from outside as well.

Window cleaning should be taken as a responsibility because if it remains undone, it causes a lot of damage to the society, to the atmosphere and to the people living inside. Leaving windows untidy is expensive as well. In order to have a healthy life, window cleaning is as much important as eating healthy food.


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