What Makes You Happy and Does Money Bring Happiness

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Imagine not having to think about a bank balance, Or budgeting your spending. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The feeling of not having to stress about fixing your car, paying the dreaded mortgage or doing the weekly food shop. Personally, have reasons to fight for both ways but believe that money can buy you happiness as everything that we use costs money, such as the food we eat and the place where we live and sleep. This essay will be discussing the positives and negatives of money and what affects it can have on people.

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So, what makes you happy and does money bring happiness ? Every person has a different view on happiness, and how to achieve it. Some people require money or expensive items to make them happy, while others require family and companionship. One place where many people look for happiness is through work. You are determined to work hard throughout the month and receive that rewarding payday. For a lot of people, the feeling of working hard for money makes them feel satisfied as they’ve worked for it. In this instance, this will be the case. Money can also be given to people without any effort or hard work put in on their part. This doesn’t give people satisfaction as they didn’t earn the money.

It is often said that “Money can’t buy happiness.” This is true to a certain extent. Being in poverty doesn’t make you happy either though. Typically the people who say “Money can’t buy happiness” usually don’t have much of it themselves. If you tell this to a homeless person who struggles to have one meal a day, they will think otherwise.

Many people dream of being rich. They imagine themselves buying big fancy houses, cars and designer clothing without any worries or upsets whatsoever. Having money is definitely one of the most important things in today’s life, but happiness is even more important. You can buy things with money to make you feel happy, but eventually, that feeling fades away because you get bored with it. Many people work overtime to gain extra money, which results in spending less time with family and friends. Unlike expensive items, happiness from having bonds with others lasts longer. If the balance between work and family time is uneven, you won’t be happy as you won’t have anyone to care for which will result in loneliness and depression.

We have all bought a lottery ticket before, wishing that we have the lucky numbers to win the jackpot, spending millions on materialistic items. Would you actually think about how much you’re spending? Or would you get carried away and buy everything you dream of? For many lottery winners, the reality of having an unlimited bank balance can become overwhelming and can have a very negative effect on their mental health. The satisfaction of working towards something is completely removed, and you would never have to work again. Another problem with lottery winners is that they can get carried away, and end up bankrupt. With the available assets such as private jets and Yachts, prices can become too high, and before you know it, you aren’t able to pay the running costs.

One very alarming factor is, money is very commonly linked to worse physical and mental health. Having a lot of money can become very overwhelming and stressful. Many people who have a large sum of money struggle to decide what to spend their money on, and become stressed out. This can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. For example, by age 26, middle/upper-class adults are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with alcohol or drug addiction than working-class adults. This shows us that having a lot of money can affect someone’s mental health and induce stress very easily.

A positive aspect of money is that it carries you through the expenditures of life. The place that you call home, the clothes that you are wearing, the food that you eat was all bought by money. Buying these things without stress can make life a lot happier. Not having to budget on the food shop or nervously check the price tags of clothes can make people’s lives a lot easier. Money can also solve many problems that are faced by many people. If your car needs to be fixed, if you need to pay pricey bills, or if you’re just stressed and need to have a relaxing holiday, money fixes all of these. Of course, not all problems are solved by money. Relationships, illnesses, fitness etc. Can’t be fixed financially. This tells us that money can solve financially related problems, which would make someone less stressed and happier.

In conclusion, money can make you happy to a certain extent. It can help you find happiness but doesn’t cause it. You can be happy with money, and you can also be happy without it.

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