What Motivates You: Determining Your Strengths and Motivations

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Table of Contents

  • Motivation Theories
  • Hygiene Factors
  • Motivators
  • Difference Between Extrinsic and Intrinsic:
  • References

Motivation means to me is how I can be empowered or strengthen to complete the tasks with full enthusiasm and happily. Motivation really helps me to complete my given work in proper manner with all respect towards the work and employer. Talking about me what motivates me is getting perks from higher authorities where I am working. As well as getting positive and sometimes constructive feedbacks from my seniors that how I have been working and how I can improve myself more. It is also important that I am getting the same perks as my efficiency I am putting into my work. Getting promoted is not only the main thing for me but getting promotion after learning new things and sharing experiences is a big deal for me.

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Motivation Theories

As we learn in the class there are different types of motivation theories as follow:

  1. Classifying needs (Maslow’s Hierarchy)
  2. Acquired needs theory (McClellan)
  3. Cognitive Evaluation Theory
  4. Two Factor Theory (Herzberg)

According to my point of view I like the Herzberg Two way theory the most. According to this theory there are two factors which affect motivation.

Hygiene Factors

These are factors whose nonattendance spurs, yet whose nearness has no apparent impact. They are things that when you remove them, individuals wind up disappointed and act to get them back. An exceptionally genuine model is heroin to a heroin someone who is addicted. Long haul addicts don't shoot up to get high; they shoot up to quit being wiped out - to get ordinary. Different precedents incorporate better than average working conditions, security, pay, benefits (like medical coverage), organization arrangements, and relational connections. When all is said in done, these are extraneous things low in the Maslow/Alderfer chain of command.


These are factors whose nearness persuades. Their nonappearance does not because a specific disappointment, it just neglects to rouse. Precedents are every one of the things at the highest point of the Maslow pecking order, and the inherent helpers.

Difference Between Extrinsic and Intrinsic:

  • Extrinsic: - pay, advancement, input, working conditions - things that originate from an individual's domain, constrained by others.
  • Intrinsic Motivators: - Accomplishment, obligation and capability. inspirations that originate from the real execution of the undertaking or employment - the characteristic enthusiasm of the work

The main difference between to motivation is that one is coming from inside that the individual wants to do something for himself to get something and the other one is the outside resources are pressuring individual to get to the goals which can satisfied his needs. The first one you can define as Intrinsic Motivator and the second one you can define as extrinsic motivator.

The one another thing is intrinsic motivation is more important then the extrinsic motivation as a person can only perform certain tasks or responsibilities if he only wants to do it. Nobody else can push them to do something that they are not willing to do.

There is a connection between my values and motivation. That if I think the work I am doing is ethical and which will not harm anyone I will be motivated to do that task. Even if I am motivated to do something which is against my values and ethics I will definitely not do it. My values come first in between motivation and values.

As I discussed that I will not go against my values even if it is possible that I can get my success by doing that thing but that will not motivate me to do that thing. Value is a manner in which you have to perform certain task if you want your good standing in professional or social world. if you go against your values that will not be helpful in long run. Everyone’s values are different and I think everybody should work according to their value system.

As far as my employer is concern they give me many benefits in terms of to satisfy my basic needs as well as my personal needs. They give me comments on my work quarterly which helps me to improve myself. They recognize my excellent service by giving me meal cards and other perks. They thank us to be part of the store team and also at the very best they give me raise in my wages and position. Which motivates me more to work for the company. I really appreciate their concern and the connection which they have built with me throughout the years.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is very important that person will always motivated and think positively about himself. Also person should know about his motivation factors which helps him to comfort his professional as well as social needs.


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