What Motivates You in Life: Theories of Motivation

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What Motivates you, Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivator’s
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Values and Motivation
  • Conclusion
  • References


Motivation plays very significant role in human’s life. It is also known as inspiration. This word is gotten from perspective’s that propose wants, needs or drives inside the individual people. It is the route toward strengthening people to exercise to accomplish the targets. It is the principle force which propels the action. For example, if we are thirsty and want to drink something like coffee so there, thirsty is a motivation which cause a desire to drink. Moreover, there are three ways such as intensity that is how much hard effort people put to achieve the goal, the second one is direction which mean what different ways people use to reach at their goal and the third one is persistence that means how long they maintain their effort to reach at their goal and these are very helpful for everyone to achieve their goal in the life.

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In addition to it, motivation is also very important at the workplace or in organization, because if employer motivates to their employees in their organization then the employees put more efforts in work and work hard to achieve the set target. With the help of motivation, the employer can make better connection with their employees.

What Motivates you, Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivator’s

As I discussed above the motivation in the previous paragraphs that it is propose wants and needs. Here I would like to talk about myself, what motivates me? There are to types of motivators which are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. I am also going to compare these both with each other in the following paragraphs.

Intrinsic motivation: – Intrinsic means inside. So, it is a person’s internal desire to accomplish the goal in his or her life. In other words, if a person has an interest in something and he/she wants to achieve that for his / her life personal satisfaction then they get motivation internally from their body or heart.

Extrinsic Motivation: – Extrinsic means external or outside. A person get motivation from the outsiders. For example, if an employer gives bonus as well as incentives to their employees, it means he/ she motivates to them. Because if an employer gives more pay to them then the employees would put more efforts and hard work in the task.

If I talk about myself then both motivators motivate me at many situations however, intrinsic motivator motivates me more than extrinsic. Because I like to face challenges in my life as well as I like to learn new things by making interest into them. When a problem comes into my life then my inside motivators gives me energy to solve that. After solving problems in my life my parents and friends also make me feel proud and they feel same, it is the other way that motivates me as the extrinsic motivators. Moreover, I have also an ability that if I have interest in something to achieve in my life or want to get something then intrinsic motivator supports me to do that. So, both motivators are very important in everyone’s life to achieve goals.

Theories of Motivation

There are two main types of theories which are needs theories of motivation and process theories of motivation.

Needs theories of motivation is also divided in three types

  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory
  2. Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory
  3. McClelland’s theories of needs

Process theories is divided into four types

  1. Expectancy theory
  2. Goal-setting theory
  3. Self-efficacy theory
  4. Reinforcement theory

I would like to share about the theories of motivation that I think best explain my own motivation. It is in the process theory which are goal-setting theory and self-efficacy theory. I always set goals to follow the SMART. I make plan before to do the task and it encourage me to do work with the full energy as well as I pay attention to that. This is very helpful to achieve the goal easily. Furthermore, I always be confident to face new challenges and complete them with full energy. I have a higher ability of the self-efficacy. I feel energetic to complete the task.

Values and Motivation

There is a connection between value and motivation. As we know that about motivation because we discussed about that in previous paragraphs. Values means something that is very important in the people’s life. It is also put impact on people’s behavior and attitudes. There is some example which are freedom, honesty, self-respect and equality. These all things have value in individual’s life. So. If we talk about value and motivation, these are work side by side. For example , at work if an employer gives important to employee’s value and offers them many incentives as well as bonus them, they get motivation and they put all their efforts to achieve the goals. So giving importance to values of everyone helps them to motivates to do more work and focus on that.

Yes , I would like to compromise my value system to reach at professional goal. I like to fulfill my desires and I would try to complete them with the hard work and efforts. Because if you will try to get something then one day you will be successful in your life. So, work hard start from zero to become hero in the life. And we should and we need to compromise in the life to get and fulfill our desires.

If I talk about my employer, he is using many ways to motivates the employees. I think that it is very effective. He always gives incentives to the workers who work very well and out hard work to accomplish the goal. Moreover, he is also giving gift cards on different events so that employees become caring about work. The one important thing that is equity. He treat all the employees equal and pay equal to all. He also gives opportunity to all the employees to bring new ideas in the organization and the is also caring about the values. So, all these ways are very effective, and these are also very helpful in the organization to increase the productivity.


Overall, I would like to say that motivation plays very important role in the everyone’s life. It make people proud and confident. People can accomplish their goal in their life by getting motivation from inside as well as outside motivators.


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