What Must You See Visiting Salzburg?

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The city of great food and a place where the beer flows in streams. Salzburg is for all of those who admire art, history, and culture no matter the age. An elegant baroque pearl, the birthplace of famous Mozart and `the color book` of Austria where you can enjoy the contemporary art museums and restaurants with Michelin`s stars. Rich in a well-preserved ancestral traditions and historical monuments Salzburg offers you romantic walks through astonishing gardens of Mirabell Palace, visits to magnificent fountains of Hellbrunn castle, the oldest salt mines, artsy and colorful St. Peter’s cemetery, and every place connected to the famous musician Mozart. For those who are willing to visit most of the attractions in Salzburg, the city has made the Salzburg Card. For 25€ you get one-time free admission to tourist attractions, free travel on public transportation, discounts on cultural events and concerts, discounts on excursion destinations and sometimes entrance without having to stand in line at the ticket window.

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Salzburg Taverns

Visiting Salzburg and not visiting popular Salzburgian taverns which offer amazing homemade specialties would be a mistake. Meals like Kaiserschmarrn was also known as “emperor’s mess” (one of Franz Josephs I favorite meals) – a vanilla pancake served with plums and raisins. The Trout, from grilled to fried to smoked – most restaurants have freshwater fish like Die Blaue Gans; Esszimmer; Senns Restaurant. Kasnocken are the tiny cheese gnocchi served with caramelized onions and chives, and melted Pizgauer (aromatic cheese)is what makes this dish delicious -the best place to enjoy this dish is at the Triangle. Salzburger Noecker is the signature dessert, the pride of the Salzburg itself – a souffle served fresh from the oven with sweet raspberry sauce can be eaten at the M32 restaurant. And the beer, of course, an important ingredient for two of the city’s most rustic signature dishes: beer soup and “Bierfleisch” (finger-thick slices of beef boiled in beer until tender).

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Shaded inclined paths from the city can get you to the beautiful medieval complex placed on the hill above the city of Salzburg. The Honhensalzburg fortress lookout areas offer amazing views, and the upper section of the fortress gives you a breathtaking sight on the city, especially in the afternoon when you can see the beautiful lighting of the city. The entrance to the upper section costs around 20€ and in the price is included in the museum ticket. The museum is extraordinary for its collection of medieval armors, torture devices, complete kitchens and furniture dating from the 16. and 17. century.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

A romantic stroll through the magnificent baroque gardens decorated with fountains and statues of the Greek and Roman gods, next to the river Salzach gives you an insight into the historical elegance of the Salzburg’s elite. The breathtaking gardens along with the luxury Marble Hall is what’s turning this Palace into the most beautiful wedding hall. This very pleasing artfully arranging of the flowers and art pieces were once used for filming a scene for the movie classic „The Sound of Music“. Visitors, for the price of 30€, can get a ticket to a classical music concert inside the Marble Hall, admire its interior which is normally off-limits to the general public, walk past the Donnerstiege (the spectacular marble staircase) and enjoy the music of the world-renowned composers like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven.

Mozarts birth house

The birth house of the most famous citizen of Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the most visited museum in the city. The house where Mozarts family lived for 26 years tells a story of Mozart’s life through exhibited family portraits and Mozarts own instruments. There is also an exhibition of miniature scenographies built according to Mozarts operas, but the one room that specifically stands out from all the other museum-like rooms is the kitchen which looks completely intact. The entrance fee for the „Mozart museum“ is 7€ unless you own a Salzburg Card. Nearby the famous birth house is the oldest restaurant in Europe, famous St. Peter Stiftskeller which offers the authentic home cooking in the impressive historical ambient.

Festung Hohensalzburg

Offering you a magnificent view on the city, a place of history of Salzburg itself, castle placed on the hill Festungsberg which dominates the city and a short walk is the only thing keeping you away from the magnificent panorama. For its length of 250 meters and 150 wide, it’s considered one of the biggest medieval castles in Europe. The fans of Mozart and his music can enjoy the evening concert with candlelight in the Hohensalzburg fortress which is being held during the Mozarts week, which is the last week of January.

The Jazzit

Avenue for entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere, a perfect place to enjoy a drink while listening to some quality music. For those interesting in the music scene of Salzburg, Jazzit is the perfect place to visit. Hosting weekly concerts in their large event hall., jazz in Theatre, a culture club is located near the main train station in the basement of the former Austrian Communist Party’s “Volxheim”.In their spacious event hall, you can enjoy a music spectrum ranging from jazz to avant-garde, including jam sessions.

Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains

The real must-see destinations definitely are Hellbrunn castle with its magnificent fountains. Built in the suburbs of Salzburg in the 17th century it was a summer residence of Salzburg’s archbishops. This country house is surrounded by the parks and gardens but what’s making it magnificent are the fountains. Made by the Italian masters of fountains and statues in Salzburg, the fountains are sprinkling the water unexpectedly and without the pattern which is the reason why many of the visitors of the property mostly end up wet. In winter the gardens are closed, but during the Christmas time there’s a fair in front of the house.

Salzburg Cathedral – Salzburgs Dom

A phenomenal kept building, a beautiful baroque cathedral dating from the 17th century, possess a timeless beauty of the historical eras and definitely worth a visit. With a 71meter high dome standing out in the city, the church towers “own” the second biggest bell in Austria, Salvatorglocke, and it weights more than 14 tons.


The perfect place for hiking which includes four mountains with a beautiful view of numerous lakes and a comfortable place for staying (hotel Schafbergspitze). Salzkammergut isn`t just all about hiking, you can also take a ride with boats and explore the lakes or take the steepest train in Austria, the Schafbergbahn.

The Old town of Salzburg

Thanks to its beautiful architecture ranging from medieval to baroque times, the Old town of Salzburg, located on both sides of the Salzach river and combined with cultural buildings such as old churches and fortresses it’s making an amazing cultural complex. It was listed on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

Panorama Museum

If you’re a fan of contemporary art, be sure to visit the Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg, not because of its amazing collection of modern art and sculpture, but for its extraordinary location on top of the steep cliff on the mountain Mönchsberg. An elevator is taking you high up 600meteres to the entrance of the lobby and the shop, and then one store above to the main exhibition rooms. The third floor consists of the wooden terrace filled with outside sculptures, and there’s majestic peak overlooking the city all to the Hohensalzburh fortress. there is also a restaurant and the museum cafe., while at night it turns into a prestige restaurant and a bar.

DomQuartier Salzburg

The main qualities required for visiting this building and its collections are stamina and ability to absorb knowledge since the size of the collection is such that even with 3 hours concentrated effort, it is virtually impossible to view all that is exhibited. The cathedral itself has a massive vaulted area which includes 7 organs at different parts of the building.

A tour of rooms walks you through 1300 years of art, architecture and music history,as well as it gives you impressive views over the famous panorama of the Old Town between hills and mountains, and a view of the Glockenspiel when on the terrace.

St. Sebastian’s cemetery

This very small, impeccably maintained cemetery shows you various styles of the memorial plaques. Its peacefulness and uniqueness hides the graves of Mozarts wife Constance and his father Leopold, along with the mausoleum of the archbishop Wolf Dietrich von raitenau.


This playground for the adult in the modern hangar at the end of Salzburg’s airport is filled with renovated old airplanes which are often flying on Red Bull aero meetings and Formula 1 boards. The concept was invented by the owner of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, who needed a space where he will keep his collection and today it’s known as an art-exhibition place and gastronomic center. Various from massive airplanes to miniature micro aircraft, including the one James Bond was driving.


The biggest ice cave in the world also known as the “world of Ice Giants” offers one of a kind natural exhibition. Made by the river Salzach seepage, the system of the ice caves takes you to the world of the magical underground filled with natural ice sculptures and formations. Located nearby Salzburg, this cave which was once believed to be the gates of hell, is open to visitors from the 1st of May to October 26th.


This potential bucket list place offers a stunning bird’s eye view of Salzburg. The summit of Untersberg is 1853 meters above sea level, and even though it’s cold up there it’s worth a visit since the views on the way to the top are spectacular. It’s a go-to location for those who like hiking, but for those who are inexperienced in that type of activity there’s a cable car, and the cost of the ticket if 25€ but it is free to holders of the Salzburg Card. There’s also a little beer hut at the top.


Following your nose can take you to a vibrant open-air market set in a historic part of Salzburg. There you can buy anything from fresh farm produce, flowers, drinks to local delicacies like sausages and pretzels(including the Mozartkugel). There is also the stall selling the World’s best-fried chicken,

Maria Plain

Walking up from Bergheim takes you to the beautiful square with the old tree in front of the pilgrimage church Maria Plain. From there you can see Salzburg and the Alps, and view far into the Bavarian homeland. This beautiful and romantic surrounding is sometimes a place for wedding ceremonies.

The World of Puppets Museum

A small marionette collection located within the dark cellars of an 11th-century Austrian castle shows you the key figures and historic moments for this city and area. It’s a perfect place if you want to feel like a child again, or bring your children to visit and enjoy the fun with no extra charge.

Marionette theater

The great theatre with the “small” actors has been attracting curious public for more than 100 years. This specific performance technique has been listed on the UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural heritage and it deserved to be in such elite society since the art of marionette movement practices for 5 years. Perfect place to take your children.

School of cooking Edelweiss

For the lovers of the art of kitchen, Salzburg has the right recipe for fun. In a stone rock, behind the iron gates, are hidden the rooms of the Edelweiss school of cooking. For less than two hours you will learn how to make the traditional apple strudel. A bit more culinary skills are required for making the Salzburg nockerl, the famous dessert of egg whites and vanilla. The most delicious part comes at the end of this class when you can enjoy your fruits of labor.

Schloss Leopldskron

The most famous Austrian castle – Hotel Schloss Leopldskron- situated between the intact mountain landscape of Alps, on the lake Leopoldskronner Weiher used to be the mountain lodge of the Austrian elegance. This very well preserved castle is filled with different gorgeous rooms and halls, with a balcony looking at the lake and mountains make you feel like you-re part of the royal family. To those staying in the Schloss, you have an access o the view for photos that outsiders cant do.

Hommage to Mozart

This strange statue features a bust of the famous composer plopped atop a woman’s body. A bizarre 9.5-foot-tall strange brass statue is artist Markus Lüpertz’s way of paying homage to Mozart, and you won’t find it on any tourist brochures or maps in Salzburg. The statue of Mozart, although it looks like it has been damaged with one of its arms fallen off, was a tribute to Mozart’s virtuosity and the conflicts he faced within his life.


With cobblestone streets, jewelry shops, boutiques, galleries and bookstores, this street takes you on a one of a kind stroll through Salzburg. Aside from many shops, you will run into Mozart’s birth house or the Old City Hall (Altes Rathaus). Getreidegasse is one of the famous streets in the Old Town, and its been like that since the Roman times when Salzburg was called Iuvavum. When looking at the facades you might see the engraved years when those buildings were made.

Sightseeing with amphibian

Amphibian is a funny combination of a bus and a boat and one of the most fun ways to view Salzburg. Sightseeing starts with sailing on the river Salzach and continues through the streets of the city much to the delight of locals and the tourists. One of the stations on this unusual tour is the Leopolodskron famous for the scenes from the „Sound of music“.


This charming street, with interesting medieval architecture, was once the main artery in and out of the city used for white gold – salt- trading. A stroll along its full length on a sunset will light but it’s lovely narrow laneways emphasizing the distinctive and varied facades. – tranquility

Mozart lake

Less than an hour away from Salzburg, a beautiful lake Wolfgang surrounded by mountains and small cities brings you a whiff of a rural atmosphere. Wolfgangsee is famous for offering many sports attractions, from swimming to hiking to skiing, and also it is hosting Christmas fairs every winter. Nearby are salt mines and ice caves, and to enjoy the great view of the valley from the mountains you’re only a steam locomotive away. Famous pilgrimage.

Old City Hall – Altes Rathaus

Located in the center of the city the, Altes Rathaus is known for its distinct clock tower, which they say is the oldest clock tower in Austria and definitely a must-see attraction in Salzburg. „Birthplace“ of Mozartkugeln – Cafe-Konditorei Furst Everything in this city is about Mozart, and so is one very famous dessert. Mozartkugels are one of the most famous souvenirs. Even though you can buy them in every part of the city, the one and only original Mozartkugel you can find in chocolate shop Furst. In that exact chocolate shop, the pastry chef Paul Furst, 100 years after Mozart’s death, started making these famous dessert to honor famous Mozart.

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