What Really Happened: Seriously Serial in Louisiana

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What Really Happened: Seriously Serial in Louisiana

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Clementine Barnabet was a deranged maniac who did very well at making people believe she was innocent. In the early 1900s, this woman Clementine Barnabet, committed many brutal crimes on adults and children with an axe. Over the span of a couple of years Clementine and her followers murdered the total of eight negro families. All families included four members or more which ultimately resulted in twenty-two to thirty-seven deaths.

Clementine Barnabet was recorded to be born in St. Martinsville, Louisiana and then moved to Lafayette the year she started her serial murders. Before she left, "met an old black woman who showed them the way of 'hoodoo' and bought some 'candja' bags from conjurer. Baker 2 These bags, the old woman assured them, would protect Clementine and her accomplices from detention by the police should they desire to commit a crime". Clementine and her four siblings then moved. Clementine Barnabet started her killing spree in 1909 around the area of Rayne, Louisiana. "In the dead of night, she dressed as a man and prowled the streets. She stole an axe from an unknown person and proceeded to commit her first murder". Clementine Barnabet was beleived to stop her rampage for two years until the unlucky month of February in 1911. Sleeping peacefully in their homes were the Byers and Andrus families. All members of the family were bludgeoned to death including their young children and family pets. Investigators at the time realized a couple pattern in the killings, but could not find a killer. Police realized the murderer was only killing negro families. The perpetrator also left the bloody weapons in buckets of water. In November of the same year, Clementine slaughtered the Randall family. The Randall guardians and four kids were left in multiple pieces across the family abode. Police walked in the house to discover the dynasty being consumed by the dog. Even though many lives were lost, police were thankful nobody else has to be harmed the way the others were.

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Clementine was dressed as a man during her killings, so her father was the main suspect in this case. He was presecuted because he had a strong history of violence and murder. Raymond Clementine, Clementine's father, was already in jail during the time of the murders so he was dropped of all charges. Soon after, Clementine confessed. Her statements Baker 3 matched what was found at the crime scene down to a tee. One statement was so bone chilling even police could not bear to listen. "I saw the mother sleeping on the bed, then I decided I would enter the house and there begin the work which we had planned. On entering the house, I struck the woman on the right temple and killed her instantly. One of the children was awakened by the noise, and before he could raise his head from the pillow I struck a blow somewhere near the left ear, then struck the other two. I left the man's clothes which I wore in the house and left in the women's clothes, returned to my sister's house and later during the same night I boarded a train for Lafayette, arriving here around midnight".

That confession was enough to sentence Clementine to life in prison. Some still believe Clementine did not work alone. She was very weak and frail. The injuries consummated upon those families would not have been possible for somebody for her body type. Many believe, she worked with her four siblings, or the "Human Five" to feed into her blood lust. None of her siblings have ever been found.

Sean Vincent Gillis, a man known as "pure evil", made women believe they needed to look over their shoulders to make sure they were safe. Sean Vincent Gillis was charged for stalking, murdering, dismembering, and raping, eight known women. Gillis' sadistic, twisted, murder spree began in 1994 after getting inspiration for derrick Todd Lee. His first victims name, whos murder was actually tied to Gillis, was Katherine Hall. Miss Hall was found tied to a "Dead End" sign at the end of a country road. "She was on her back in a kind of Baker 4 poetic pose next to a dead end sign which I thought was his humor in a very sick kind of way". Katherine Hall was found naked, chopped up, and raped. Gillis assaulted his victims post-mortem so they had no way of fighting back. Police knew immediatley this murder was not spur of the moment but rather he had been plannig for weeks, months, or maybe even years. His next victim's cessation was even more brutal than the last and her name was Johnnie Mae Williams. She was found, "Facedown in the woods, decomposing, covered up. You could barely tell it was a human being". A little boy found her body and his father did not believe it was true until he saw it with his own eyes. Investigators then found out Gillis' pattern. He posed his victims to add even more of a scare factor to what had happened. Law Enforcement also realized he strangled all of his victims with zip ties and molested them after their deaths. Gillis committed many murders before Katherine Hall and after Johnnie Mae Willis. The tally of woman killed was eight. The remaining women were Ann Bryan, whose case was unsolved for years; Joyce Williams, whose legs were completely amputated; Lillian Robinson, who was found one month after her death; Marilyn Nevils, who was found on Halloween; and Donna Bennett Johnston.

Sean Vincent Gillis confessed to all murder eve though polic already were pointing fingers towards him. All of his victims were helpless in someway. For example, most of his victims were drug addicts, prostitutes, or very petite. Gillis chose out victims, "society would not miss or mourn". Gillis admitted to showering with, giving manicures to, and sculpting Baker 5 out the bodies of his dead victims. Police now knew for sure he was guilty. On March 26, 2008 Gillis had his last trial where he was sentenced to life without parole.

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