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What Role Emotions Actually Play In How We Think And Behave

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According to Cambridge Dictionary, emotions simply mean a strong feeling such as love or anger, or strong feelings in general. Basically, emotions are part of our life as human being. A popular quote by Victoria Klein stated that ‘emotions make us human, denying them makes us beast’. From this quote, we can say that we cannot ignore our emotions because it serves important functions, even though they can be really painful at times. We may think that emotions as another sense, just like our vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, because they provide information just like any of those other senses. Emotions are special in its way because we just can feel the presence of it without realizing it. I am in the view that though other senses are important but as for me emotions are the best and most beautiful things in the world because it cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

I would like to emphasize on why emotions are important to humans. Firstly, it is because it helps us to give some kind of indication on information. Emotions provide us with information about a situation that we want to change in some way to make it suit our needs better. For example, anger arises to help you see that there is something you think is unfair about a situation and guilt may arise to inform you that you have done something that doesn’t match your morals and values. Your emotions can also act as a form of self-communication, which provides you with emotional information before your brain has had time to rationally process the concrete information it’s receiving from your senses. For example, when you see someone with a gun, your fear provides you with information that gets you moving before you have time to stop and think about how to respond. However, it differs normal person action than insane person. I do believe that insane person do feel the emotions but they interprets wrongly as they do not know how to react to it as they have mental problems.

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Besides that, it helps us in our relationships with others. It is really important to know our trigger points and emotional responses when we want to deal with our partners. The better we know ourselves and the better we are able to communicate our needs, our sore spots and what we want out of a relationship. Understanding our own reactions to a situation is likely to help us to understand why our partner reacts in a particular way in certain situation. If we struggle to be in touch with our emotions, it is possible for us to we may refrain from having difficult conversations in our relationship and settle the problem wisely. In the end we will come to the conclusion that the grass is greener on the other side because we are with the wrong partner. This may be a relationship pattern and being fearful of our emotional responses can lead to us having a series of unsuccessful relationships. We can say that the better we understand our emotional responses and are open to exploring them, the more likely we are to be able to respond to our partner in a way that helps in overcoming difficulties.

In addition to that, emotions can motivate you. Some emotions indicate for an action. In a situation where there is a fight with your sibling, we tend to start a fight when there is an incident where our belonging is missing and it will end until we feel satisfied. Though it seems a bit unpleased, it is the nature of human being to feel angry. Another example of emotions is fear, which motivates you to flee, freeze, or faint in order to survive when you are being threatened. In these situations, your emotions not only motivate you; they also prepare you to act by causing physiological changes in your body. The adrenaline rush of anger causes your blood pressure to increase and your muscles to tense up, readying you for action; fear also does this, priming you to flee the situation or to stay and fight. If there is a fight, even a strong man can run away from the fight because the situation seems so tense for him. It is common as soon as you feel the fear in your mind. Sometimes, even a strong man hs no courage to fight when their opponents are many in numbers. From here, we see that emotions play important role in motivating your action in your life.

Last but not least, emotions actually can help in educating our children in many ways. I agree that parenting nowadays is very challenging. We may come home after a long day and have lots on our mind, there is a mess everywhere and you react. In these moments, it is important to understand what you are reacting about. The mess made by our children may irritate us and feel like the worst thing in the world, but it is really important to understand what is it about the mess that irritates us so much. The better we understand our own journey, how life has treated us and what are we easily triggers at, the more patient and responsive parent we are able to be as we acknowledge our own feeling when we are being triggered by our little ones. It is important to remember that our role as a parent is to help our little ones to navigate their emotional responses and name them. We can see that children with bad parents are often not being able to express their emotions well and they keep making trouble just to get attentions from their parents. It is a pity for them because childhood life should be bright as bright as it can be.

Based on the Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, sadness and grief are two different things. According to him, sadness is the feeling of sorrow at a lower intensity and shorter period of time. On the other hand, grief is a strong emotion of sorrow that usually lasts longer and is often associated with loss. We feel sad after watching a sad movie, but we feel grief after losing someone we loses. Sadness and grief causes a lot of emotional pain, but they have their functions. I can relate to this. The grief I feel is not the same when I read a sad love story. I will be pity and feel sad, but it won’t effect me that much. From here, I can see that losing someone that is really close to us puts us in the worst grief situation. It will be weird and ridiculous if we don’t feel anything. It is either you feel sad or grief, losing someone you love actually affects our life. It is similar to the joy that we feel everyday. Though the action is small, but I believe that we can feel the joy. For example, we will feel happy if someone offers us a seat to sit in the train. It looks nothing but it means everything. That is why people always show happiness by smiling or even crying.

The love and joy that grows in me towards my late grandmother never can be compared to anything else in this world. Despite of her poor health condition, she always entertained me with her lame jokes and of course lots of advises. Her lame jokes always make me feel I am the happiest person ever in this world. Being alive for almost 100 years in this world was no joke. She was there during the World War II running around with her family just to save their lives. She witnessed the day when Tanah Melayu was free from any colonization. Though she was just a primary school leaver, her experience she obtained in her life was priceless. She didn’t go abroad to further her studies, not even in her homeland but her knowledge in this world amazed me. This is the reason why my love towards her is infinity with no limit. The emotion indirectly makes me understand my own journey and it will really help me to educate my children later. I will help my little ones to navigate their emotional responses and shows as much love that I can so that they will feel happy with their lives. Based on Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, happiness is described as a warm inner glow.

Despite being happy with her presence, I have suffered grief feeling for the past few days. It is because my late grandmother has passed away. Though her leaving was expected due to her situation being a stage 4-cancer patient, I cannot overcome this feeling as I am really close to her. We always do a lot of things together plus she is the one who raised me up and looked after me when I was small because my parents worked in the city. The tears roll down on my cheek as soon as I received the news that she is no longer here in this world. It is really hard for me in letting her go but it is a fate that has been decided by the God. In Surah al Imran verse 185, it is mentioned that every single life in this world, no matter how good or bad the person is; everyone will face death. The sorrow that I feel for the past few days is indescribable as I feel really empty and loss. Being a normal human being, I cannot control my sorrow. I cry so hard at the day she is brought to the graveyard. So many memories left but I realize that mourning too much is not good and it is better for me to make some time up for me to cherish myself.

After few days passed, I am still in grief. It is really hard for me especially and I can say that it affects me badly. But with the support from the rest of family members and also close friends, I think I can overcome this feeling soon. I am in the view that it is common for you to feel such worst feeling so that you can come back stronger. I also believe that with a strong support from my circle, I will be able to put aside the feeling and continue my life as usual. I think there are few activities that can be done in order to forget all the grief and sorrow. For example, we can have a simple picnic near the beach and spend time with the rest of the family members. It is indirectly can strengthen the bond between the family members. I believe that the person who has gone will be happy to see the other family members doing well in this world. Actually, good friends also play important roles in removing the grief. It is because a good friend will understand what we suffer and they will offer some help in order for us to overcome the bad emotions. With these supports, I who suffer these emotions, I can come back better and be able to continue my life like usual. But it does not mean I forget everything about the one who is gone because all good memories remain deep inside my heart.

As I am a man, in the event losing of losing someone who is really close to me, it affects me in many ways. I do believe that a member of opposite gender would feel the same way about it and it can be even worst. My late father passed away when I was in secondary school. I still remembered at the day my late father passed away, my mother was crying like there is no one else in this world. I do agree that she has loss his partner of her life but I can say that it is even worst than what I suffered. It is a fact that women and men are different in many ways. I do admit that women are stronger and multitalented, but when it comes to emotional things, woman are easily touched and cried. They will be the happiest when they are happy but they will cry as much as they can when they are sad. As compared to men, men usually do not show what they really feel in the public at large. There is a common stereotype that men should not show their emotions and that “real men” do not cry or get upset. This as a result is often the view that women have of men. They will keep and hide those feelings as much as they can and when they are no longer able to hide it, then they will show it.

However, men often show their emotions to less people, and often only to their nearest and dearest. But I do think that men are supposed to handle their emotions better than women because men are born to be strong in handling women. I do agree that men have a greater control over their emotions and what they will display to the world, possibly due to having more difficulty displaying emotion than women. In my opinion, it is okay if we are in grief but we must overcome it as soon as we can because it does affect our everyday life. Like in the event when my father passed away, my mother was admitted to the hospital because she lost her appetite to eat. It was really painful to me when I lost my father, but it was more painful when I saw my mother bedridden in the hospital. After few months, then my mother can accept the fact that my father leaving for good. From here, I can see that all gender can get emotional but how they react to it is different. I do not think men cannot get emotional it just that they keep it to themselves. It does not matter weather they are men or women, when they get emotional, I do prefer to express it rather than keep it.

In conclusion, emotions actually play an important role in how we think and behave. The emotions we feel each day can compel us to take action and influence the decisions we make about our lives, both large and small. In order to truly understand emotions, it is vital to understand the composition of emotions, which include a subjective component (how we experience the emotion), a physiological component (how our bodies react to the emotion), and an expressive component (how we behave in response to the emotion). These different elements can play a role in the function and purpose of our emotional responses. Our emotions serve a wide variety of purposes. Emotions can be fleeting, persistent, powerful, complex, and even life changing. They can motivate us to act in particular ways and give us the tools and resources we need to interact meaningfully in our social worlds. I know that understanding our emotions is hard for so many and this can lead to various difficulties such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, addiction and so on. But, as long as we know how to tackle the situation carefully, we can manage our emotions easily.


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