What Should Be the Role of GM Foods

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Do you ever think about the food you eat? What chemicals might be in them and if it is truly safe to eat? Those questions are the kind of questions experts argue about genetically modified food. Those who are supporting the new technology mention that GM products will save many poorer countries and can provide better quality of food. Though there are some that argue that the GM products can cause many health issues and can alter the natural order of the world. Which side will you take? And what should be the role of GM foods in the global food supply synthesis?

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Genetically modified foods are made from crops, animals or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered to a specific trait by DNA technology. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Green Revolution brought in a new era in global agriculture. Today some experts believe that GM products will also do the same. Though the products have not been accepted by many countries. They believe that GM products might result in unpredictable sickness and can cause the natural order of the world to shift.

There are many points of view on this topic. There are others who believe that GM products will save people from hunger and there are those who believe that it will cause many health issues. The main concern in the GM products is the it would permanently change the ecosystems. Once the plants are modified, they may endanger other species and animals that live in the same environment. Biotech companies claim that they are safe for both humans and the environment. They believe that it can improve the products and food we have today. It would also increase the world’s global food supply, reduce the use of chemical pesticides and reduce the prices for food.

Now, many credible sources reached the conclusion that GM products are safe to eat and can be grown safely in the environment. They also found no special risks from GM products. Opponents of GM food raised a handful of studies that indicate possible safety issues. Though most of them have been dismantled by reviewers. They claim that if there are safety problems then people who have eaten it would have raised that problem. But there’s none. Now, many countries have been accepting GM products in their country. Since it was proven that there’s no risks in the health, they accepted it. Many voice out to continue the distribution of GM foods while maintaining safety testing on new GM products.

This new technology will bring a positive or negative results if given a chance. Will give it a change to help others that needed it or stick to what you know. There are for sure benefits from using GM products but we still don’t know the limitations for when we use it. The way things are going there’s a high chance for the GM products to be proven successful and effective. We should keep an eye on the health and environmental impacts from using GM products and know clearly the limitations to use it.   

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