What Should You Feed Your Mind?

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We all have a “dream life” in our heart and wait for magical things to happen to make it a reality. Most of us keep waiting. But some achieve it. And others keep thinking how they did it. Here I am today to tell that - you can do it too. And live that desired life. The Life that you actually deserve. There is a single difference in successful people and average people. What is it? Mindset. Yes you may have heard this hundreds of time as it’s so true. Your mind is packed with so much power that if it could reach its real potential, you won’t believe what you could achieve. The best part is, you’ve complete power to shape the mind. However you like. Mind is the powerhouse of your entire body and nourishing it with right things would give you success.

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So what should you feed your mind? In other words, what does your mind require to stay healthy and work at its best? Positivity. Happiness. Confidence. Acceptance and everything else that can nourish it.

But this is where we go wrong. We feed negativity to our mind. We feed fear. Rejection. Problems. We feed the mind everything that we should not. Such things have an extremely negative impact on mind and it gives out results which you never want.

Yes. The mind is powerful enough yet it would believe everything its told. I will prove this right here. Try telling happy things to your mind. Or carefully read these lines 3 times: “You are brave and strong to deal anything in life. You can achieve every single thing. No one can make life better, only you can. There is nothing in this entire world that could prevent you from attaining your goals.” Feeling strong? Feel like you can achieve things you’ve wanted for long? Indeed you can. Your Mind believes what it’s told. It accepts what it sees, reads and hears. This is why changing and having positive mindset is possible. The power to change your mindset lies within you. In simple words, your mind will always believe what you’ll tell it. So you must use this for your benefit and make life better. How can you achieve a positive mindset? Achieving positive mindset is about making your mind healthy. The below mentioned 5 positive mindset activities must be done repeatedly:

Clean Up

Yes I would actually call it a cleanup. Your mind has dealt with negativity since years. It has believed and accepted what others have told you. The people around you can greatly upgrade or degrade your thinking. Remove all the stupid negative thoughts that have created a home in your mind and throw them out. As early as you could. Don’t let negativity stay in mind and don’t make it permanent. To fill something in mind, create space.

Remove negativity: People, things and feelings.

Whatever it is that is negative, remove it from life. Life is so precious and you cannot waste happy moments by surrounding yourself with people making you feel small, rejected or unloved. If someone makes you feel bad, try talking about it. Remove everything which stops your mind from staying positive.

Stay motivated: motivation is not a permanent thing.

It is repeated activity which has to be a part of daily life. Yes daily. Not weekly, monthly. Watch and read motivational stuff regularly. Don’t just do it when you feel low. Motivation gives your heart a great boost, your mind feels powerful for a while and the feeling slowly goes away because you don’t take action or delay taking action. That’s why motivation should be a part of life so that it can live deeply inside your mind and help in taking right actions and decisions with a positive approach.

Stay fit: a healthy mind cannot reside in a dull, lazy, unhealthy body.

So give your mind a beautiful home by making your body super happy and healthy. Making your mind healthy with body's power is great because it will transform everything with the amazing energy coming through the body and mind. Do yoga, exercises or walk. 5. Read: You know that mind believes what it reads or sees. So try reading success stories, motivational quotes and biographies of inspirational personalities. This will help you in solving your own life's problems. It will also guide you in your own journey.

Always remember that positive mindset has to be maintained. It's not permanent because often times difficulties in life challenge us and we feel sad. At these moments, instead of giving up, it's essential to follow all steps to make your mind feel happy again. Motivation and positive mindset must be developed, enhanced and maintained. It requires efforts from your side to do this. Remember that being consistent is essential. Make sure to use these steps in achieving a positive mindset.

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