What Should You See in the Vatican City

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In this journal, we will glance at various websites dedicated to providing informative tours regarding the Vatican City. The Vatican City’s major religion is Catholicism, which can be revealed through numerous characteristics and altar pieces as well. There are exactly 5 different websites designated to providing readings as well as visuals of each place. In this journal I aim to provide commentaries as well as give opinions on these five websites. I hypothesize that each page has significance and will bring more knowledge of such architecture. Each is relevant for its cause and understandings to its audience members. In my opinion the most relevant architecture in todays society would certainly be that of Santa Maria Maggiore. The reason I claim this is because not only are several churches designed in a similar manner, both here in the United States, as well as places in Dubai and Egypt, but some houses even mimic this architectural design as well. Since arriving to the United States in efforts to receive my education, I have done a lot of traveling. I have noticed that many larger houses have a design similar to this building. Even some government buildings also closely resemble the Santa Maria Maggiore, such as courthouses. I feel like this design in architecture most closely resembles the design of building both in and outside the United States amongst the others. The arches, columns, and several windows, as well as the gated exterior is a design that has been kept alive in todays times. Which cannot hold true to others being analyzed.

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Deciphering which is the most dramatic was somewhat of a struggle for me being that many were equal to its comparison. However, after glancing over each again and again, I would award the characteristic of dramatic to the Sistine Chapel. There are numerous reasons why this piece is more striking and busy compared to other works. For starters, there are several images all pressed into the walls and ceiling. We can find images of humans and animals. Many things are going on in this one piece of art. It almost makes one’s head hurt trying to process everything that is happening. I know that is at least my opinion anyways. Nonetheless, this work is also very precious and done exceptionally. Dramatic does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, although its stigma sort of make it appear so. Dramatic can also be beautiful as well, just as it is in the Sistine Chapel. In my opinion the Sistine Chapel is also the most mysterious of the bunch as well. There are numerous questions that I wish I could ask the artist Michelangelo. I think most people would agree with this as well. Such an awe evoking piece like this sure does raise numerous questions. Personally, I would like to know the specifics and personal ties between the art and artist. I think there are several interpretations and hidden meanings that could possibly surface from such a piece. Anyways, this is my opinion of the most dramatic and mysterious piece in the list. Although, each piece of art and/or architecture has some degree of mystery built within. However, although we have the capability to read, we can never fully grasp the culture or time of these periods exactly.

Being that all of these architectures are located in the same general area, one would not necessarily have to choose which one they would prefer to live by. Making the choice and benefits equally good in all cases. However, the one I would like to be centered nearest would probably be the Sistine chapel. I find the walls and interior or this building to be the most beautiful to look at and the best designed as well. I think that more time was put forwards making sure all processes and details were executed properly. When looking at the interior of the Sistine Chapel, even if one is not religious, brings upon a certain hope as well as joy. Although I am Muslim, I believe in many of the same Bible characters. That relies in the fact that most of the Bible is reinstated throughout the pages of the Quran. So even though this is built in the Catholic scheme of things, even a devote Muslim such as myself can enjoy the imagery and moods of the Sistine Chapel. Making it ideal to live near, for I would visit several times to learn more and more about it.

Given the opportunity to explain the importance of the art or architecture to one of my friends, I would more than likely choose St. Peter’s Basilica. Amongst all of these selections, this church is the primary church of the Pope. Which is not only interesting, but also showcases the importance of this architecture building. I think this idea would most likely influence the degree of openness my friends would have in learning. As explained earlier, I am Muslim, as is most of my friends. Therefore, it would take something very significant to grasp their attention. And I feel the fact that the Pope attends this Church more than the others would be enough of a cause for interest to develop in the mind of my friend. A lot of information regarding this Church as well is probably found within the internet, as it is in the textbook as well. I feel amongst the other choices; the significance and importance of this Basilica would be the easiest and most fascinating to explain to a friend of mine.

The last artwork I would choose to explain to a friend would most likely be St. Paul. Amongst the other choices, I disliked this the most. It was not necessarily the design, however, the choice of images on the website. I feel that out of all of the other choices, this would be the most boring and hardest to explain to a friend. For example, the Basilica was my first choice and its relevance are found in it being the favorite of the Pope. I could also easily explain the Sistine Chapel and gain interest because of its beauty. The architecture of Santa Maria is also very similar to other architecture in modern times, making it an easy topic as well. Therefore, that is why I chose St. Paul’s as the last choice when explaining to a friend.

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