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Richard Parsons

Executive and CEO, Time Warner

Parsons’ domain is staggering: HBO, CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network; Time Warner Cable; Time Inc., with in excess of 150 titles; AOL, as yet creating $8 billion in yearly income; and Warner Bros. (No. 1 in film nets, TV generation, and DVD deals). Cleanup man for history’s most appalling merger, he’s prevailing with regards to making inner steadiness and introducing all around respected previous HBO head Jeff Bewkes as his beneficiary evident. As corporate directors end up assaulted by speculative stock investments and so called “investor activists,” Parsons’ treatment of Carl Icahn’s endeavor to push him off the barricade and split the organization was picture-consummate, a B-school contextual investigation. Be that as it may, that bothersome stock value still isn’t moving . . .

Roger Ailes

Director and CEO, Fox News Channel; administrator, Fox Television Stations

Ailes’ Fox News Channel is the superior news association of George W. Shrub’s America. He brought the reckless, blunt, audaciously conservative sensibility of talk radio (and of Ailes himself) to TV, with tremendous and proceeding with business achievement. So prevailing is FNC that nine of the ten most-watched link news indicates air on Fox. Its connections to the Bush White House (recollect that Fox was the first to announce Bush the victor in 2000) are sufficiently solid that observer Tony Snow was named squeeze secretary, and a columnist whined that the TVs on Air Force One are tuned just to FNC. Ailes’ territory continues extending: Last year, he wrested control of Fox’s TV channels—News Corp’s. greatest income generator—from wayward beneficiary Lachlan Murdoch. Likewise, incidentally made Stephen Colbert.

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Bill Keller, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., and Jonathan Landman

Official supervisor, distributer, and delegate overseeing manager of the New York Times

A stock that is lost the greater part its incentive in the course of recent years, a newsroom rocked by embarrassment, bellwether of an industry with its greatest days behind it—but the New York Times remains America’s most imperative news outlet, the boss codebook with which New Yorkers (and the world) unravel the intriguing circumstances we’ve been reviled to live in. Consistently, it additionally changes that world—think, particularly, of Nick Kristof, who without any assistance constrained the world’s consideration on Darfur. Keller guides the paper, thusly setting the day’s news motivation around the nation, and the disheveled Sulzberger takes care of bigger issues, as new e-daily paper programming created with Microsoft. For various reasons, Keller and Sulzberger are both unfireable, and they’ll be around for a considerable length of time. Be that as it may, the eventual fate of the paper rests right now with Landman, who is executive of the paper’s online procedure. The update, DealBook, and even the amateur night video online journals are a decent begin: Will the paper’s long-late lavishment of consideration on the Web secure the Times’ future, or will 155 long periods of history not make any difference in a domain of boundless options?

Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin, and Stephen Colbert

Host and official maker, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and official maker, The Colbert Report; official maker, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report; host and official maker, The Colbert Report

The Pew study said everything: Twenty-one percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 swing to The Daily Show as their solitary wellspring of news (the systems got 23 percent)— and that was previously Stewart’s Oscar-facilitating gig, The Colbert Report, and Colbert’s own ultra-Establishment gig emceeing the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The Daily Show’s political sensibility—savvy, logical, tired of the Dems yet alarmed by the GOP—is to a great degree engaging New Yorkers (we compliment ourselves by considering it to be our own). Stewart has turned into the comic as-Cronkite; to a few, his group are the main individuals on TV deserving of trust.

Si Newhouse

Director, Condé Nast

Newhouse’s Condé Nast shows that costly, upmarket, richly delivered magazines still have a place in the national discussion (witness Sy Hersh’s Washington-rattling New Yorker scoops and Vanity Fair’s most recent newspaper of-record mournful superstar admission), in managing gorgeousness, and on advertisement purchasers’ financial plans (Vogue had 2,959.33 promotion pages in 2005). Not at all like the more penny-cognizant Hearst or the cutback inclined Time Inc., Newhouse’s organization burns through cash uninhibitedly, offering favored ability outsize pay rates and livens. He’s a living monetary wastefulness in an industry progressively receptive to benefit over esteem.

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