What Sort of Things Motivate You: Personal Growth and Development

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Motivation simply put meas a reason to do something. Thinking about its opposite meaning is also a reason not to do something or do nothing. Understand what motivates someone, apply some simple techniques without manipulating them and you will be amazed at just how productive your team becomes. Whether it’s your family or friends (you can try the ‘chat video’ for new friendships), understanding motivation can is a powerful tool. What sort of things motivate you? People may be motivated by one or all of the four key motivators. These motivators are Participation, Achievement, Recognition, and personal growth. Understanding what flicks our switches helps us to better understand ourselves, our family, and possibly our team members or those that work for us.

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I am most motivated by personal growth. Just the action of writing this article motivates me to do better as I write each paragraph. People who are motivated by personal growth will look to take the lessons from things, make their next task better, and can be motivated by challenging them in areas that you know that they are interested in.

Recognition is a very powerful motivator. If there are any one of the four main motivating factors that are universal to all, then it is recognition. If this were not the case, why do people wear badges, win trophies, hold prize-givings, ceremonies, awards, and more? Recognize a child in public and see them grow- recognize their achievements in front of people they care about (their friends) and they will seem to grow before your very eyes. A powerful motivator that must never be manipulated. A strong inner motivator is a personal achievement. For people who are primarily motivated by achievement, the very act of achieving is what matters to them. Not for them the limelight or awards, but the quiet satisfaction stokes the strong inner drive that makes these people succeed. Politicians, musicians, scientists, and many other walks of life are full of people for whom this is the hot button above all else.

Being part of a team or just being involved in the decision-making process is far more important to some people than all the recognition in the world. Leave them out at your peril. Want to turn off someone who thrives on participation? Just leave them out of things and see what happens. Men are prime culprits here- it seems as though this is more important for women than men. Involve everyone as best as you can and watch the team win. Different things motivate different people. There are indeed different strokes for different folks. Whilst we should take care not to misuse this information, giving careful consideration to the needs of others will show through in better team results and much better relationships.                             In conclusion. We all work better when we are properly motivated- make it your business to try and understand what motivate you, me, our friends, and family. Don’t manipulate people, but work with people- you’ll be glad you took the time to understand a little about the science of motivation.

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