What Stirred Me Up in Becoming a Doctor

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Casting my mind back to days when I had a storybook delineating a picture of a devoted woman with white sari and blue stripes and a smile in her face, I contemplated about this extra ordinary woman. I was startled to acknowledge that how another name for care is Mother Teresa. From back then, I always tell myself, What would Mother Teresa advise me? I hang in there. Her selfless service and dedication to helping the poorer of the poor made me visualize that healing the wound is the utmost I want to do. The strong desire in study of life and its evolution stirred me up in becoming a doctor. I have meticulously been keen on knowing the unknown, seeing the unseen and learning the complex and abstract phenomena of physical chemistry during my studies. Human body is an impressive mystery in functioning in a diverse way.

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However, I have also realized that a multidisciplinary approach is vital for required problem grasping and solving. Thus, the chemical characteristics of matter and how it can be applied in biology along with mathematical data processing, is the exemplary. Therefore, studying biology, chemistry along with maths quenched my thirst of curiosity.

Two weeks working in a pharmacy, shaped me on the various aspects of primary health care and the importance of interaction with the patients. Learning he names of a lot of drugs helped me broadened my knowledge. Trust and patient confidentiality are the most vital attributes that I learned to achieve working there. I also volunteered in a charity shop named Barnados that taught me that cleanliness and organising things in a proper way can make tasks easier. I worked as a babysitter which helped me emphatise with children and adopt a caring role.Being proficient in Bengali, English, Urdu and Hindi, I volunteered in a school over the last year where young children are taught their native languages other than English so they have a way of good communication with their natives. I have also worked as an interpreter in many schools that made me came across with many people and broadened my communication skills. I have been a private tutor for primary students for past 3-4 years where I enjoy spending time with children as well as teaching them Maths and English and identifying their strengths and weaknesses and working over them. As a school captain for 2 years, I attained the leadership qualities and comply with great responsibilities. Being an avid person for science, I, along with my two peers carried out a project delineating a bio inspired robot that follows along light using photoelectric effect. Carrying out this project, I have investigated the concepts from nature and the applications of them to the design of real-world engineered systems. I have been delegate of Model United Nations taken place in different times of the year carrying out different agendas and building up leadership quality. It also helped me exercising in research skills, public speaking and teamwork. There were a lot of times where I have to face challenges and act tactfully. One of the many times was when my dad had a severe heart pain in the middle of the night that made me call an ambulance immediately and act accordingly. I was amazed how quick and efficient the approach was by the paramedic. Whereas, in underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh, there is always a scarcity of medical assistance for children and old people that sadden me and perceive me to pursue a career in medical field.

I continued my perusal of scientific journals that helped me acknowledge the current issues around the world. One of the articles from Bangladesh medical journal that came across was about the Effect of Infrared Radiation (IRR) on Patients with Bell’s Palsy. The article undoubtedly depicts the contribution of IR on the patients suffering with bell palsy(idiopathic disease of facial nerve) in practical terms. However, further clinical appraisal and research within a large population can amplify the early recovery of Bell’s palsy. Scrutinization is prerequisite to determine the outcome results of IR over the patients of Bell’s palsy.

As I spent my leisure watching different drama series especially hospital dramas, coming across with Grey’s anatomy, MDs, Chicago Hope I have learned Random anatomy & physiology facts. I have seen How to deal with patients & loved ones in a professional way when they are in stress. However, the potential inaccuracy of medical information presented on widely-watched hospital dramas is a concern. I took part in different cultural activities on national days exemplifying my talent in dancing and recitation.

I am also learning to speak Italian and preparing for my driving test. Despite being in demanding situations at times where we had to move from one country to another or one city to the other city I have always kept my best to carry on my studies in a rhythmic way to chase my dream and cherish my career.

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