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What the Ecological Footprint is

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For me, the gist of the matter is to improve certain aspects of my lifestyle. Let’s start with my ecological footprint, certain changes that can be made without being drastic or unrealistic would be changing my eating habits, transportation, goods consumption, and services. However, my main purpose is to decrease my Carbon footprint.

Firstly, changing my food habits, reducing the intake of animal-based products, and eating more food that is unprocessed, unpackaged, and locally grown, leading to 90% of fresh unpackaged foods and 77% of locally grown food.

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With the services, I plan to have more efficient energy in my home, with an efficient-center design, passive heating/cooling, advanced temperature control, and ventilation, low electricity use. In addition, I will ask around and investigate if I can increase the percentage of my home’s electricity that comes from renewable sources, I plan to increase it by 15% if possible.

Regarding the good consumption and the amount of trash generated, I aspire to reduce it. Buying fewer things only if I need them, and recycling more paper and plastic.

As for my Carbon Footprint, I want to reduce it, so, to achieve this, I would have to transport less in Cars, buses, and Airplanes, I´ll have to start walking more and using more bicycles when I go somewhere.

With these changes, my ecological footprint was reduced to 1.9 Piles of earth needed. My Carbon Footprint was reduced from 14.7 to 6.1, because of the small changes I could do. And with the little changes in my food habits, I decreased my food to 0.4 gha (global hectares). Also with the changes to my good consumption, I decreased it to 0.1 gha (global hectares). These small changes that are possible, decreased strongly my ecological footprint.

Following with the Slavery Footprint, which I also plan to reduce, I would have to commit mainly to reducing the consumption of the goods.

Again, I would describe better food habits, decreasing my animal-based product intake, and increasing vegetables.

Regarding the consumption of goods, I will start by having in my medicine cabinet only the health care products I need, reducing the jewelry I own, decreasing my sporting goods (to only two of them showed), also reducing my clothes (by discarding the ones I don’t use). These small changes decreased my modern slaves to 35, although this number is still high, if I keep doing these small changes, I could indeed decrease it more.  


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