The Most Effective Time for Full Functionality of Short Term Memory

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In the Article “Time of day and retrieval from long term memory” By Keith Miller, Brian C. Styles and David G. Wastell they state that long term material would be learned in the afternoon than compared in the morning. According to the article your arousal goes high in the morning and throughout the day will come down but there is no evidence that high arousal may benefit short term recall. They believe that you remember things better in the morning than in the afternoon to your arousal being high so that means you are alert however I believe it’s not like that in the morning you are trying to wake up and are not even fully there and basically just sleep walking or just getting by so you don’t really listen to what people are saying to you. In the afternoon when your arousal is going down it may be harder for you to remember things due to the fact you get tired throughout the day even though your arousal increases throughout the day I feel that may be wrong because you are doing so much things in the day so you get tired and aren’t as alert as you may be when you first started the day.

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The authors did three separate groups and had them perform a simple memorizing task ranking from high, medium, or low dominance. The result was the group in the afternoon had a higher rate of remember things than the group in the morning due to the fact you become more alert and aware of what’s happening throughout the day because you have finally fully woken up and you may not be all tired like you were in the morning. However remembering something for a very long time did not really matter if it happened in the morning or in the afternoon. If someone tells you something important in the morning most likely you will remember it because it is important, now if they told you something that wasn’t worth remembering most likely you would just brush it off your shoulder and forget about it.

I believe the meaning of what someone might be saying has a huge impact whether or not you are going to remember it. The test subjects were tested while doing their everyday things like a normal working day in the morning or in the afternoon. The time of day that is best for short term memory is morning even though your arousal is low short term memory could be to remember little things such as phone numbers or names. Learning in the morning compared to learning in the afternoon was different more awake and alert in the afternoon, can remember longer and more important things in the afternoon. The evidence of having high arousal is not a good enough evidence to say you would remember things better.

In conclusion it does seem that short term and long term memory is affected throughout the day, it isn’t really a huge difference it can still be used as evidence. Immediate memory is is better in the morning than in the afternoon.

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