What Was the Driving Force Behind European Imperialism in Africa

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 Imagine your best friend taking away all the power of your decision of where you get to eat tonight for dinner, this is like the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa! The background behind the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa is between 1500 and 1800, European presence in Africa was mostly about buying and selling slaves from local chiefs. Still, as late as 1870 only 10% of Africa was under European control, and most of that was along the edges – French Algeria, British Sierra Leone, Portuguese Angola. The Berlin conference was In 1884 and 1885 to divide up Africa

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in a reasonable and peaceful manner. What was the background story behind imperialism in Africa? Although economic growth and political stability were outcomes of European imperialism in Africa, these positive effects are outweighed by the loss of life, freedom, and culture suffered by African peoples.

Competition was a main part in the driving force behind European imperialism in Africa. The reasoning why competition is a main part in the driving force behind European imperialism in Africa is in Document B the article states ‘Fabri was impressed by the colonial achievements of the English and wanted Germany to do something of the same’, this explains that Fabri wanted to do better and make it into a competition. Document E is also comparing Great Britain and South Saharan Africa, as a completion for who imports and exports to Africa. This explains that competition was a main part in the driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa because many different countries or continents wanted to take over Africa and the only way to do that was with a competition.

Economics were very important during the times of the 1800. Document E states ‘ Europeans never would have been willing to expand so many resources on obtaining colonies if they if they couldn’t earn it back, plus lots more.’ this explains without economic factors Europeans would have never been willing to expand and this would have never happened in history. document A’s map shows us economic factors on there too. This supports my thesis economics were very important during the 1800 because without economics the British would have never taken over Africa and our world would not be the same.

Without technology none of these historical moments would not of happened. Document f brings to my attention because they used all technology during this time and without it they would not have succeeded. Document C also states ‘ new technologies like the Bessemer process and the repeating file that the intensity and scale of national rivalries increased.’ Also Document C says Europeans were able to use their technological advantages in many areas. This explains that technology is one of the main reasons the British were able to take over Africa.

This closes that the reasoning for why the driving force behind European imperialism in Africa is because of technology, competition, and economics. Without these 3 key things the British may have never taken over Africa. 

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