What Was the Reason for Liverpool Loss Yesterday Against Chelsea?

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Liverpool simply lacked the chemistry with the squad that was out there. Liverpool had enough chances to win the match, Players made too many poor choices of final passes to have even more chances. Hazard is just world class and they couldn't stop him. Perhaps the loss of league cup will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. They can now turn out their full attention to the EPL, UCL and FA cups.

Some fan might be happy that they lost because they mostly care about the league and champions league. It's just one less thing to worry about. The reason behind the loss is also they started almost an entirely new team & I can understand resting players for the League. Moreno and Matip didn't play well too. The fans might be angry at Henderson but they don't understand the balance he brings into the team. Henderson does the dirty work and controls the space between midfield and defense. He offers passing options to the centrebacks. Henderson was brought on when they were winning 1-0 to win midfield battles and control the game and have a stronger physical presence in midfield. He shields the defense allowing Milner, Keita, and Gini to attack. Just because he doesn't do anything outstanding doesn't mean he is bad. He was tidy on the ball, good passes and shielded the defense decently. Liverpool conceded lots of goals from set pieces that's why they signed Robbo, Van Dijk and Allison. Klopp took them out and look what happened.

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Conceded from corner to make it 1-1. It's a defense that hasn't played a full game together so there's a bound to be issues there. What can you expect from a team that consists of zero experience playing together? Fabinho is playing for the first time and then when was last time Moreno and others saw the floodlights of the stadiums. Fabinho made his full debut yesterday. I thought he made some good tackles but proved Klopp's point about giving him time. He needs to adjust his intensity of this league. Liverpool can take a lot of positives from this game, Shaqiri proving he is amazing, Keita showing his attacking ability.

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