What Will the World Be Like in 100 Years

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What the earth could possible look like and what will the world be like in 100 Years? In 100 Years and In 100 years the Earth will pretty much almost look the same but significant consequences are to come if nothing is put into place to correct them. The most plausible event to happen let’s say in 2100 would be not from natural causes but from us. The unnatural cause could be from a continuous build-up of fossil gases in the atmosphere. That is the most significant problem to come in the next 100 years.

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Fossil fuels have been first realized as an issue since the 40s when severe industrial air pollution created a toxic haze that suffocated 20 people in Donora, Pennsylvania. Pollution has probably started becoming a problem way back in the 19th century when they first started using coal or other fossil gases.

Since we have started using fossil fuels it has continued growing to a bigger and bigger problem. The significance by 2100 could have reached its plateau. A variety of animals could be extinct such as many species of birds. The abundance of fossil fuels would trap more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere making the planet warmer. The polar ice caps would begin to melt away; making the oceans deeper, flooding coastal cities. According to business, 7 major cities could be flooded by the year 2100.Including New Orleans, Galveston Texas, Miami, Charleston North Carolina, and New Jersey. They could all be drowned in water by the year 2100. According to the site, it says to get there when you can, considering that many iconic structures and tourists attractions could be gone in your children or your future grand children’s lifetime.

The Washington Post says that the population of humans will have reached 11.2 billion compared today with only 7.6 billion. This brings even more problems; including higher demand for farming and food. So when it reaches that number there could be less food for us. Famine could be more imminent maybe even starting an Apocalyptic event. From the New York Post, it states that an apocalyptic mass extinction will begin in 2100. It says that so much carbon would have been added to the oceans that the planet will have passed a “threshold of catastrophe” which leads to the destruction of our species. If we don’t correct any of the ecological events happening what will we do to prevent yet another mass extinction?

By the year 2100 humanity may have become advanced enough to begin interstellar travel. NASA has come up with a new idea that can promote the progress of Interstellar Travel. The potential idea is a space sail; no not the ones from the pirate movies, but one in space. It is unmanned and a lot smaller. It would not be one but several targeted to a local system in the vicinity of ours called the Proxima system. Targeted to Proxima B that is told to be situated in the Goldilocks zone, located 4.22 light years away with a probable chance of alien life which is why Proxima is a major attraction to many scientists. NASA will most likely be doing this in 2070. But currently, our current technology is not yet advanced enough since it would require laser beams of photons to propel the ship gradually to near light speed about 20% the speed of light and it would only be a 20-year journey. 2070 is time away but if humanity discovers life on terrestrial worlds it will be a new chapter in the history books. Changing the perspective of religious beliefs and embarking a new era of science. But if this were to not occur, and we continued to do the harmful strategies for making the energy; we would most likely run out of this supply by the year 2088. According to, it says, “But if we step up production to fill the gap left through depleting our oil and gas reserves, the coal deposits we know about will run out in 2088.”

After fossil fuels have left our inventory of energy suppliers we would have to move on to more environmentally friendly energy producers; for example like windmills, solar panels, hydro panels, and geothermal power. But the reason why this clean strategy is not in occupancy everywhere is that the use of it would be more costly on one side of the argument. But on the other side would argue that the cleaner way may be more costly but if we don’t use the cleaner way more common around the globe, the effects of climate change would worsen and make climate change harder to battle.

This is a worsening political issue because there is many who refuse to believe climate change as a direct effect from humans. Which could make it harder for people to encourage them to use a safer source of energy. But there is much more detail to prove that climate change is from humans for example like here in Wisconsin. Native Wisconson winters were once a lot longer and colder, and the summers were shorter and cooler. But today we can already tell the difference. It has begun to rain in mid to late January in Wisconsin other than it snowing. Rather then temperatures staying in the mid-twenties, temperatures have been staying in the mid-thirties. It is expected that by the year 2100 temperatures in the summer instead of staying in the low 80s, it would stay in the mid to high-90s and also temperatures staying in the high thirties in the winter months resembling climate from the state Missouri stated in What climate change means for the upper midwest.

There is an ever growing conflict between adversaries against pollution and the posterity and hope for a better future. There is more that must be balanced in order to sustain a healthy world. If we don’t repair critical issues now; the generation to come in front of us will most likely be very different from ours today. Most of the problems could be a lot worse like in densely populated areas like India and China.  

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