What You Didn't Know About Corrugated Boxes

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Table of Contents

  • The Packaging Industry
  • The Environmental Impact
  • The Consumer
  • The Shipping Factor
  • The Right Manufacturer

No one really takes the time to consider the packaging of the products they buy. Even though the packaging industry is one of the largest in the US, people often care more about what’s inside the box than what’s protecting it.Did you know corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are different? They different materials used for the same purpose but everyone uses them interchangeably. Designers will roll their eyes at you for getting it wrong, so why not learn a few things about corrugated materials to keep them from groaning.Here’s everything you need to know about corrugated boxes.

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The Packaging Industry

Due to how cost effective corrugated package is, it has been the go-to choice in the industry for nearly a century. In the US alone, over seventy-thousand people work in the corrugated industry. It is the largest sector within the packaging industry having over fifteen thousand plants across just North America. Since corrugated materials are quite environmentally sound, there is little chance it won’t continue to be economically viable for years to come.

The Environmental Impact

Corrugated boxes and materials are incredibly environmentally-friendly. Ninety-one percent of all containerboard manufactured in the United States was actually retrieved and recycled. Corrugated boxes themselves are usually about of about forty-six percent recycled material. Use of this large amount of recyclables has a low impact on non-renewable energy and greenhouse gases. These factors make it one of the top custom packaging solutions out there.

The Consumer

Given the variety of design when it comes to corrugated packaging there are multiple ways to create eye-catching displays and products to appeal to customers. Nearly seventy percent of purchase decisions are made in store and that decision is made within five seconds. Using corrugated material to create unique packaging for similar products is crucial for standing out in the market.The Engineers and DesignersCorrugated boxes are designed by packaging engineers and designers to meet specific requirements of the product being shipped, the needs of both retailers and consumers, and shipping environment hazards. Vibration, shock, compression, and moisture are just some of the problems that need to be accounted for when designing boxes. There’s a lot more that goes into your boxes to keep them sturdy than you might think.

The Shipping Factor

Frequently used as shipping containers, corrugated boxes are popular because of their resilience and sturdiness, especially when compared to cardboard. Since corrugated material is made up of three different layers of paper – inside and outer liners with fluting in-between – it can withstand greater amounts of physical and environmental trauma than cardboard. It is because of this that ninety-five percent of products in the US are shipped using corrugated boxes.

The Right Manufacturer

Retailers need to work with a manufacturer that can provide with all types of corrugated material. Boxes for shipping and packaging, point of purchase displays, merchandising solutions, and more. If they offer design services and focus on green packaging solutions like McLeish Corr-A-Box, they’re the perfect manufacturer to meet and exceed your needs.If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, McLeish is the packaging manufacturer and designer for you. We’ve been serving businesses across Ontario for over forty years and our boxes, displays, and designs are always stand-out marketing pieces. Our solutions are green, sustainable, affordable, and professionally designed to maximize consumer interest. Client’s keep coming back to us because they know we do it right.

  • There’s more to corrugated boxes than containing items.
  • They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and design specifically to meet a variety of needs.

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