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Ethics for me is a value system which every person raises because of his conscience. I believe that ethics can be different for every person, because each person has its own value system. Although ethics are considered different, I believe that most people will have equal value. For example, if you asked a class filled with students, whether it is ok to cheat in the exam, almost all students will say whether or not. Of course there is always a person who does not follow any moral guidelines. The person believes in receiving only what he wants, when he does not have any cost. Whether it is cheating, lying or stealing. I try to understand the behaviour behind other actions; I try to find a fair and equitable solution. My person’s ethical lens suggests that my character traits and qualities will serve the community by giving assurance of fairness and justice, my is believe that all should behave equally and fairly and we all should have a fair shot and equal shot in life and all of them should be good.With this being said, it assures me that ethics arises in childhood. Most people would say that they were parents who taught them write and wrong. To me personally, to teach me wrong, I give credit to my culture and religion. As a child I was taught to be humble and never use obscenity, that there are many words within the English language that I can use to express myself and it was implemented by family and teachers. And I was aware of the consequences of not obeying rules ahead.

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One of the main principles which had inspired me was always to ask for something, but the most important thing is that to get and receive the prize, there is nothing in life that is not earned without hard work and sacrifice. In earning these awards, one can appreciate the hard work and know the value of hard work. Another important value is taught to me that the child should be ready to share with others and that there is happiness and satisfaction in sharing with the things that you have and that your neighbours do not have. I had to learn to appreciate what I had and to show that appreciation and it has extended my adult life in which I appreciate the gifts and people and I am very grateful for those people in my life. I am very careful with those friends whom I keep as one of the things I have kept with me, that the ones you surround yourself are the reflection of the person you are. As I became a teenager, an important lesson I have learned is that never see others and always respect others’ opinions.

My strengths and weaknesses

I came to know that my strength is that I think carefully about problems and look at other options, I pay attention to the experts and other people who are in my role to see what the conditions do Or have to handle, I like to prefer making informed Decision to not harm anyone without any reason. I have weaknesses because I believe that there is a result of a consistent process for everyone. And I have developed an unrealistic role for the expectations that forget that the person is progressing without regard to its role, basically I keep high hopes for everyone.

My Pricing and Consequential Behaviour

When I learn that I value the social factor that comes through fidelity and continuity during dealing with a member of the community. I wish for a system that provides equal justice for all and hope for the good of others. I demonstrate a courage and perseverance when faced with obstacles I try to avoid the action of grain but will sometimes test the water.

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