When My Normal Life Stopped and Left Me with Room for Reflection

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Just like any other 18-year olds, my happy life consisted of sweet treats and even sweeter thoughts. I loved school. I had always tried to make sure that I am busy with tons of school activities. One of the activities, for example, was joining for camps during my holidays. All of that changed during this one school orientation camp in 2017. I remembered the setting and how it seemed somehow unreal. I met a girl. She was a sweet, elegant type of woman. And I was the group leader of her class. It was my responsibility to take care of the class during the whole week of camp. Throughout the week, we bonded through ice-breakers and games and as the days passed, I started paying more attention to her. I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go. I should risk a chance to get to know her. After months of talking and going on dates, we ended up together.

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Before this, I thought my life was perfect but with her being with me, it was more than perfect. We always meet up. Soon enough, it became a routine to meet up in the morning before class, every lunch period, go home together after school and even weekends. We committed our life to each other and many times we forgot the importance of family and friends. In every relationship, there will always be conflicts and fights. When this happens, I tried to seek help. When my grades dropped, I tried to seek help. However, there was no one to call. I only have her. It made me realized that it was an unhealthy relationship. I unknowingly distance myself from others. I had no friends left. It made me think twice. After countless times of shouting, fighting, tears and self-hurt, we finally went our separate ways.

In my opinion, heartbreak was the perfect gateway to self-reflection. Being put in such a vulnerable and undesirable position brings out a lot of attributes about yourself that you may have ignored because they weren’t the most favorable. I slowly surround myself with my family and friends. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. I am proud of how much I have grown as a person. It changed my perspective on life and taught me about self- love. You have to love yourself first. I stopped expecting other people to fill the void that was always meant for me to complete. I began to live life as if it was my last, putting forward the best version of myself in everything that I do. Most importantly, I truly realized the importance of friends and family, the true anchors in any waves.

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