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When to create a new position at your organization?

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When to create a new position at your organization Mr. Rahman (pseudo name) organization has run very successfully for the last 3 years. His organization’s productivity and profit level have also gone high. But he notices that on an average the productivity level decreases in the last 6 months. He talked with his workers. All the employees complained about heavy workload which is the main reason for decreased production level.

What would be the next step by Mr. Rahman? Yes, he needs to hire new employees. That is, he needs to create new positions in the organization. So, you need to understand the needs of your organizations. If the needs demand more, then you should take steps to create a new position. It is very difficult to understand when to create it. Sometimes it may just a loss of money. Before creating a new position and hiring the best one for that, you have to sure about correspondence areas.

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When to create a new position? You need to understand the basic points that would help you create a position. Just have a look among those:

a. Consistent workload

The first thing you need to notice before creating a new position is continuous workload. The workload actually means work overload. When you see that your employees are overloaded with work pressure and become stressed that is an important sign to hire a new one. But make sure that your employees use their time effectively rather than showing less interest in their work.

b. Economy graph

Look at your company’s economic graph. What happens to your organization’s profit and loss according to the capital. If you see the profit level falls, it is a sign to hire a new one to increase the production level. But sometimes people go wrong in creating positions as they think to hire a new one would be another loss.

c. Multiple roles

In many organizations, especially in small start-ups, each employee may play multiple roles. For example, an advertising agency has a motion graphics designer. But he also designs flyers, promoting lines and drawing. He may surely face work stress and his work result would drastically fall. So, the HR should understand that and propose to create a new job position.

d. Meet organization’s vision

Every organization has its own mission and vision. To reach the vision you would need to hire a new employee by creating a new position. This depends on your organization’s current productivity level and budget. Your HR department can help you more in this area.

e. Spending time outside your expertise.

As a company’s head or in the HR department you have your own work areas. You need to focus on those works. But if you realize that you are spending time on other works in other departments it may hamper your responsibilities. This is also a signal to create a new position for those extra roles. It is true that your organization will definitely deserve more positions day by day. But there are some important precautions that you should remember.

Make sure the work overload is not seasonal. It is continuously and consistently increasing – For an atypical project, you should not create a permanent post. You may create contractual positions then.

Make sure you have enough budget to compensate the new employee.

If it is possible to do the tasks by volunteers, then it will unwise to create a staffing post.

When you are ready to create a new position, then make a detailed job description, letting know other staff members and planning budget. Hiring the right person To hire the right person the new position is much more difficult. But now it is very easy on Circleliner. Just post for a job on Circleliner and get suggestions about the people to match your requirements. It is such a professional networking platform that provide authentic information and create auto-connections within the same professional. So, why late, understand your organization’s need for a new position and go ahead.


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