When Words Can Translate to Love

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Words mean everything. Words created everything we see in nature. The world could not have been what it is today without words. Words gave form to God's ideas for the earth. Remember God is Love. Love gave birth to His ideas through words. The intentions of Love were materialized through His words. The words of Love (God) brought about the things that make the earth what it is today. When God wants to do anything, He uses His words. Love accomplishes His intentions through spoken words.

We appreciate the beauty of creation today and are wowed by the intricate details in the organisation of nature. These things came by the words of God. Love beautifies with His words. When Love wants to make a situation better, He talks to it. When love wants to make a person better, He also uses words. If only we knew the huge difference love-filled words can make in people's lives, we would talk to them differently.

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We live in a world where words mean a lot more than we all realise. I have come to see that everyone needs words of love spoken to them. Even the message that gives us salvation is a gist of God's love. The love content is the only reason why it's called good news. To beautify our lives with salvation, He has to first talk to us affectionately. Then as we hear His words, His goodness changes our hearts toward Him.

You may not have realised this but people change for the better when we talk to them affectionately. When we allow love frame the words of our lips, it will suddenly dawn on us how useful love really is to others; we'll begin to notice great improvements in our relationships. It will become clear to us that with our words we can make people better.

What actually happens when we speak loving words is that we ourselves become better and sweeter in the relationship without realizing it, and because what we plant is what we harvest, we start seeing the harvest in our partner/spouse.

Every relationship is as healthy and beautiful as the words that that we use in the relationship. You see, the power of words is spiritual. That is, it works in ways we cannot explain through physical observation and science. As today's quote says, many people really don't need money to have a feast, they need words. They need someone to tell them in many different ways, through verbal and non-verbal communication, that they are special, valued, wonderful, respected, appreciated, loved, one of a kind etc.

A lot of people who are love-starved are actually suffering from a starvation of the right words of affection. You and I can throw them a feast every single day. When a person puts on jewelry, especially one that is custom-made (I'm sure you know that means rare and expensive), people take notice of that person and admire that person's appearance. It's the same thing that happens when you speak loving words always to and into your spouse, fiance or fiancée. Your words cause them to stand out from the crowd, it makes them distinguished and people to be admired.

The more affectionate words you pour on them, the more admirable they become. So, let's watch our speech. Let's resolve that we'll always throw our partner/spouse a feast and upgrade their beauty with the words we speak.

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