Which Has Transformed the Society More, the Industrial Revolution and Steam Power Or the Information Revolution and the Internet?

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The Industrial Revolution and steam power changed human’s life. Train on the railroad replaced the carriage, and the warship with the huge chimney replaced the sailboat. The looms in the factory no longer need the help of hydraulic power. Along with the development of new routes, industrial products with excellent quality and low prices have been sold all over the world, and they have smashed the market gates of countless countries. For the first time, technology has brought the world together. However, the Information Revolution and the Internet cannot only link the world but also increase the speed of exchange information and change the way of what we think and act. To individuals, the real-life relationships and virtual community relationships can be improved via the Internet. Using the Internet can not only maintain a strong relationship with colleagues and students in real life but also reduce the strangeness caused by lack of time and communication. The virtual network space can meet the needs of interpersonal communication, social recognition, belonging, learning, self-dignity and self-realization. Second, Internet access helps to increase knowledge, provide life information, make friends, eliminate loneliness, pass time, etc. Network members provide information, support, friendship and belonging to each other completely strange members. For example, online members can receive social, physical and psychological assistance, and the relevant resources and messages that are beneficial to them form some support groups on the Internet. This is the interaction of the virtual community. Third, under the protection of anonymity, netizens who don't know each other on the Internet can share the most intimate experiences and feelings under the bottom of the heart. Therefore, we often find many anonymous aid behaviors on the Internet. This kind of selfless information exchange is the most valuable aspect of interpersonal relationships on the Internet. Also, for specific people, when their identity or speaking content is sensitive, the network anonymity is positive. Fourth, the various content of the Internet world frees individuals from monotonous routine work, enabling people to develop their potential and interests according to their unique imagination.

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To enterprises, using the Internet can provide customers with vivid, fast and detailed introductions of goods’ information and services, and reduce the cost of marketing products. Second, provide customers with reservations or consultations for products and services and provide after-sales service or dynamic service status inquiry to meet customer needs at a higher level and maximize customers’ satisfaction. Third, directly sell products to customers to open up e-commerce and increase the income of the company. Fourth, establish an enterprise information system to improve internal management and work efficiency. Furthermore, provide the social media with the developments of the company. It is an important window to strengthen the relationships with corporate companies because they can access the information about the latest business status of the company and determine whether the company is worth work together or not. Also, establishes a website on the Internet can get a series of added services, including emails set up with its own enterprise domain name. This not only can promote the company's image but also greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise communication. Thus, work efficiency and market competitiveness are increasing.

To the society, the Internet has provided many kinds of communication at all levels which are bringing convenience and saving us a lot of time. Second, the Internet has replaced newspaper and television as a 24-hour media communicator. Global network users can use their computers to find keywords according to their own preferences and read reports easily at their own time. We can use the Internet to get information no matter day or night. Third, the Internet promotes consumption in the market. Internet marketing has no borders, using online stores, products can be delivered directly through the international express delivery. People do not have to go to the physical store to buy the required items. Only a few simple steps to the virtual pages can complete shopping.

In addition, combining the Internet of Things, the cloud, big data with the Internet open novel industrial models and working models to the society. That is, besides standardized production, we can have customized products. Furthermore, the goods produced by the machine manufacturers at this time can speak and have the functions of flexibility, agility and so on. For example, at the phase of manufacturing, smart machinery through the installation of many sensors on the machine, with the establishment of Internet infrastructure, real-time intelligent processing, event management of data, Big Data analysis and automation operations etc. would optimize the overall production. In another word, we can assure the quality of the products. At the phase of inventory, through the Internet, we can collect all the interconnected storages data, find the needed number of products and items on the market. As a result, the need of inventories of all materials and goods would decrease in the production line. Moreover, the concept of the Internet plus appears. For instance, the Internet plus communication generates WeChat and Line, the Internet plus payment brings GooglePay and ApplePay, the Internet plus taxi emerges Uber and Lyft and the Internet plus hotel becomes Airbnb. All in all, the Information Revolution and the Internet bring a new life to humanity and alter human society more.

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