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A quiver for the arrows Opening in a new window is an important piece of equipment for every archer. Especially when you practice field archery or 3D archery off-road, it is important that you can stow your darts safely. On the one hand to have the hands free and on the other hand, so as not to unnecessarily endanger yourself and others when transporting your arrows.

As a pure target shooter shooting at targets on a firing range, a quiver would not be required. However, it is very annoying in the long run to always have to bend his arrows because they are on the floor. There are shooting ranges, which at the firing line fixed arches have open in a new window, which can also accommodate arrows. Nevertheless, every archer at some point – usually right at the beginning of his career as a skier – puts his personal quiver on. Which quiver types are there?

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Quivers can be differentiated according to the type of wear:


As the name suggests: a side quiver opens in a new window, the archer carries at hip height on the side. A right-hand shooter wears it on the right, a left-handed hand gun on the left side of the body. Therefore, make sure that you also buy a left-hand quiver as a left-hander. Or a quiver that can easily be converted from right to left hand opens in a new window (yes, they exist!).

It is fastened by means of a belt Open in a new window, which is either supplied or already exists. High-quality quivers have a wide loop for belt attachment, cheaper quivers are hooked by means of a belt clip in a new window on the belt.

Recommended are quivers with arrow tubes open in new window or otherwise separate Pfeilfächern. The arrows are spared and can be stored in the quiver if required.

I myself attach importance to at least 2 additional pockets for the indispensable “little things”: bow loop, tab, arrow puller, pen, shooting list, handkerchief etc. These extra bags should be provided with a zipper as possible.

Subspecies of the side holes: target quiver and field quiver

A distinction is made between the target quiver and the field quiver in the side quivers: when the target quiver opens in a new window, the arrows point forwards (towards the target), at the quiver open in the new window to the rear.

The target quiver makes it easier to remove the arrows on the firing line (allegedly). Therefore, this type of sidekick is often used by WA shooters.

The position of the arrows in the field quiver provide safety in the field: this means that the arrows can not easily slip out of the quiver unintentionally.

Field quivers have become increasingly popular for some time now and are also popular with target shooters. I swear for years to open my Aurora Techno Field in a new window.


Back quivers open in new window are worn on the back. Reminds many of us of Robin Hood and looks really cool. Personally, I find the parts but simply impractical (with this statement, I’m just certainly not popular with traditional shooters). I do not like the contortions I have to make to pull an arrow out of a back quiver and put it back – even though I’m a traditional shooter.

You are usually attached with a strap that runs across the chest. In the case of back holes there is of course no distinction between right and left hand.

Bow quiver or mounting quiver

A bow quiver (often called a quiver) Open in a new window is in contrast to the two already described not worn on the woman or the man but attached directly to the bow. The capacity is naturally slightly lower than in the other quiver species (often 6 arrows).

Lightweight plastic pouch from PSE

Of course, this is very handy when bow hunting, but of course increases the weight of the bow and its throwing behavior.

Materials and prices

Traditional shooters prefer quivers made of natural materials, mostly leather. These are usually also quite expensive: a side or back quiver made of leather costs depending on the equipment and design between 30 to 300 euros.

Quivers made of modern materials such as Cordura, nylon or similar are durable and often cheap: simple models are available from just 7 euros. A field quiver like my favorite model Techno Field from Aurora with good equipment costs about 65 euros. He is also almost “unbreakable”.

The quiver offer for archers is so great that every shooter can find “his” favorite quiver. Sometimes you have to try a lot before finding the right one. The color selection has fortunately also grown strongly in recent years: from “standard brown” to black, red, blue and camo, there are also neon yellow, hot pink and bright orange.

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