White Man's Burden: a Study of the Theme of Color Discrimination

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Race as a social construct, means that judging people based on their color, or racism benefits some by being detriment to other. Race is something people learn, and not biological. So we are the people who created the idea of race because it is not nature. And there is a very awesome example from “White Man Burden”, when Thomas (a black man) went to the bank and he asked to get money. However, that white man told him “we are closed.” After that he asked him to talk with the manager of the bank. The reason for that is Thomas is one- hundred precincts sure the manager of the bank would be a black man. Also he wanted to talk with a high level of people not the lower people.

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For the paternalism, interference with a group that a negative but justified by claiming it is in the best interest of the group being interfered with. For example, the fashion show that black people do, after they finished their fashion show, they showed poor white children. Even though it is a good thing to help these poor whites, this kind of help is not necessary because it’s just front of media. White people really want to get good jobs, but the black people don’t help them with that. That shows black people are the upper and the best and white people are the lower and white people always need black people help.

Stratification is that the in the placemat of groups within a society, and one’s position in society typically not earned. When people born and they are rich and they have a lot of companies from their parents or grandparents, it is called stratification. The example for that is the Career Center in the movie when Pinnock (a white man) was looking for job. He went to the Career Center after he lost his job. The point is here; all the workers were black people because they have the power to control almost everything in this country. Also, all people who were looking for jobs were whites because they have no power to find jobs by themselves and they will get better job if they work under black people commands.

Institutional Discrimination is the unequal distribution of right or opportunities to individuals or social groups that results from the normal operations of society, and when some institutions against someone for his/ her color. The example for that is when Pinnock lost his job because he saw Thomas’ wife. Even though Pinnock saw that by mistake, he would lose his job because his color is different from black people. Thomas asked the manager of Pinnock to kick him out of the job because he uncomfortable with him. Of course that wasn’t the real reason because race of color was the most power in that moment. Also when Pinnock went to talk with Thomas, the response of Thomas was “Tell him I can’t do anything for losing his job.”

This film is a powerful example of racism. However this time is different rules. So what happens is that all white people are the lower and black people are the upper. That reversed the real life of people who live in the USA or maybe in the entire world

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