Who Am I: Discovering My Political Identity

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Between 1796 through 1828, political parties were formed to help have more control or have a more organized government in the United States by having leaders of these parties elected to be part of the decision-making process. This is due to leaders not being able to agree on matters ranging from regional to economic decisions. “The Federalists believed in a strong central government and supported the ratification of the Constitution” (Phyllis, n.d.). Anti-Federalists on the other hand, were on the opposing side. Growing up in a house with parents who were democratic, it is no secret that it was the path destined for the children to follow.

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Growing up with eight siblings, we were forced to share as we did not have monetary support from my parents, to purchase the things we wanted or participate in multiple extracurricular activities. My parents treated us the same regardless of who had the brains, the looks, or the potential to be great. We were taught to treat everyone with the same respect regardless of who they were. I am a democrat and associate myself with them because according to (Republican View, 2019) “Democrats believe in equal opportunity despite race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation”. We believe there are simple ways of handling issues with out and back door compromises. Democrats want to come to together as union or group and make sure everyone has good education and health coverage opportunities.

It is believed that if you teach your child how to do things or be a certain way between the ages of 6 to 9 years of age they will retain and follow their parents or guardians lead. My parents watched the news day and night. Reflecting, they often spoke about politics. They discussed the President’s decisions on war, and congress involvement in the bills that were being passed, but never understood what these politic issues were about and how it affected them, us, and the world. My parents were very adamant when it came to elections even in our own city. They voted for the judges, city manager, mayor, and governor to name a few.

It was not until I turned 18 years old that my parents encouraged me to vote. I did not think it was that serious. I thought what is one vote going to do, it is not going to make a difference. They went to explain to me the issues that were happening at the time and how it was affecting us and how it could affect me in the future as well. It was not until I became an adult and started to have my own family that I started to see what my parents had been trying to teach me. There were programs that I tried to apply for that due to the policies that were establish automatically disqualified me. Then I had family members join the military and saw how it affected them and in results the impact it had on us. It was then that I signed up to be voter and remain a democrat.

As a democrat I found it very hard to decide as to what I would run for from a personal standpoint and not so much as a democrat. Yes, as a democrat I would want everyone to have the same opportunities across the board. As I read the description for what a judge does, the part I did not like was when it reads that they may “make some people unhappy”. It was then followed by the legislator and congress roles in which states “don’t need to make everyone happy just the people in your district” in which I also disagree with. Finally, governor or president, trying to make things happened and “get blame when it doesn’t work”, I do not think I would want to deal with that the entire time I am in that role.

After carefully researching these three roles, I decided I could handle being a judge. It means people will be upset at the decision I make, but I have more control as to those decisions based on evidence and apply the laws and regulations. I believe to be an honest broker. I think with my mind, heart, while at the same time applying the rules even when going about my daily activities.

In the end, no matter what party you belong to, there will always be someone who gets hurt. After taking the quiz to see what party I am most likely associated with, I learned I was 74% democrat. I also learned there were several other political parties involved, even though this whole time until just three days ago, I thought we only had three political parties, democratic, republican and independent. I was very excited about taking the quiz and learn a lot from my responses to the questions. Although I am a democrat, there are things that I do not believe in from a democratic point of view and these are the areas in which people can get hurt in. It is why debates take place when individuals are running for a campaign. It is what make sense and is going to bring a big positive change that means the most to me. I encourage all of you to take that quiz, find out who you are, and become a registered voter.


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