Who Am I'? the Question for My Personal Growth


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Going into any new semester, whether it’s high school or college, it is inevitable that I am going to have to answer the question “who am I?”. Getting a loaded question like that really makes me ponder over what it is that really makes me the way I am. There are a variety of things that could come into play when it comes to defining who I am.

For one, I have come to realize that I am a fairly easy going person. I have been told that it does not take much effort to get along with me, and I cannot say I disagree. Throughout, my entire life I did not have many people that I had a problem with. I grew up making friends with nearly anyone who would accept me and even had a few people who are still around to this day. Although I am a forgiving person, I do not like to think of myself as someone who accepts being walked on. I have always been good at immediately making new friends but I am even quicker to let go of anyone who gives me a reason not to trust them.

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Growing up with two older siblings, a brother and a sister, has really had a positive impact on my personality. Just being around them and learning from them has taught me to value my family in a way that makes me the person I am today. I have always tried to make time for my friends and family whether it is just being in their presence or doing fun activities together. For example, my family has always had a tradition to play softball all together. Although we all were not the best at it, it influenced me to play softball as soon as I could all the way up until high school.

My goals and ambitions are also a huge part of what makes me who I am. Reason being, I have always enjoyed helping people since before I could remember. I love being helpful and watching people succeed, escape from a bad situation, or even just seeing them smile. This trait of mine has inspired my choice to become a Registered Nurse. Since I could remember, I have always wanted to go into the medical field, specifically nursing. This is the sole reason for my attendance at Tyler Junior College. I am working at getting my degree with the possibility of furthering my education. I desire to work as hard and learn as much as I can to achieve all of my goals.

Although parts of my personality are constant, I am always changing in some way. I gain new interests almost daily and meet new people who introduce me to new challenges and influence me. I am constantly evolving, learning new things about myself, bettering myself, and experiencing life in ways that I never have before. For these reasons, the answer to the question “who am I?” is complex and is always changing with every new experience or person that enters my life.   

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