The Questionable Existence of Aliens and Alien Occurrences

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We, humans, are believing that alien life (aliens) is present in the earth or they have been visited earth in earlier centuries. We also believe that they have a better civilization than our civilization. The study of aliens is called Exobiology.

For an example, Dr. Nikola Tesla made the world’s first radio wave machine in the 19nth century. On his first test, he was sending some commands and he received a command …1,…2,…3 this proves that aliens are really existing on the universe.

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I, a thing so the signal which Dr. Nikola Tesla got was a communication which was made by the aliens who are in mars and in Jupiter. For example:

  1. 1. The Greys- Greys, they also called Roswell greys, Grays and Zeta reticulate. They are purported extraterrestrial beings whose life is discussed by ufological, paranormal, new age communities and they are named for their skins. 43 percentage of alien encounters in the U.S describe Grey alien. Their structure looks like a small body with smooth grey colored skin, enlarged hairless head, and large black eyes. In 1961 Barney and Betty who are hill abduction claim, in New Hampshire, they were taken by a spaceship and they said that they have seen the Greys.
  2. 2. The Annunakis Annunakis are those who came to the earth in earlier centuries because the wanted to complete their mission. The mission was to give humans sixth sense and keep them as their slaves. They were from the planet called Nibiru. There were 7 Annunakis. After giving 6 senses they made us slaves and they have begun to build their kingdom. While they were building the humans started to think on their own and they became a group and they were against Annunaki. So, Annunakis gave royal DNA for the head of the group and they said that you have to marry the same royal DNA women. And Annunakis became the gods of Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. The pictures are as follows.

The name of the boy is Boriska Kipriyanovich. He was born in 1996 in Russia to a doctor family. After 15 days he was seeing up the parents were surprised because normal children take one month to see up but he took only 15 days. After some days he was speaking. And his parents put him in the play school, after some days he was saying that he was born in mars and his parents took some test and the doctors said that he was normal and he was having more IQ. When he was age 10 he was interviewed by Project Camelot he said that he came from Mars and many people lived in mars and the mars were improved more than Earth. Because of some war, the mars was destroyed and only some people survived under the surface of Mars because the radiation is high on the surface. And he said that they were having contact with the people in the world who live in Lemuria and Egypt.

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