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Who Are Power Lifters?

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Power lifting is all about how much weight you can lift barbells in three different types of positions:

Dead lift: To lift a loaded barbell from the ground, to hips and holding for few seconds and to the ground again.

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Squat: It is squatting using loaded barbells and placing them back again on the floor

Bench Press: Lying down on a bench with the head facing the roof and lifting a loaded barbell by stretching the arms and placing them back to the stands.

Nutritional Needs of Power Lifters

After such heavy workouts where the muscles are primarily involved, muscle breakdown is a phenomenon which occurs immediately after the workout session. This condition is also known as ‘fatigue’ whereby the stores of carbohydrates are depleted in the body and the person feels completely emaciated. This is the time where nutrients are desperately required to replenish the required stores to regain energy. Post workout meals consist of a moderate to high Carbs, high protein and moderate fat diet.

Proportionating Your Meals- How much protein do you require?

Power lifters require up to 1.7-1.9 g of protein per kg of body weight. If a power lifter weights 80 kg, he/she would be requiring 136 g to 152 g of protein.

It is impossible to consume a fully fledged meal after a deadly workout. Therefore consuming high quality proteins in a form of a shake or a small cereal mix can be more beneficial for the person.

Presenting you with a special whey protein formula for post workouts which contains all the essential nutrients required for a muscle repair process: high Carbs, high proteins (high quality proteins), BCAAs, glutamine, whey proteins and less fats containing all the essential amino acids in proportionate amounts to repair the worn out cells, prepare the body for the next lift and give rest to the body: MightyX 100% Whey Protein

When to Consume Proteins?

Pre and post workout meals/ partial meal replacements/ shakes/ protein supplements should be consumed either an hour and a half before your workout OR an hour after your workout.

The nearer the workout time, the lighter the meal and the longer the post workout time, the heavier the meal. The concept is simple: not to consume too much immediately before or after workouts.

Few examples of a pre workout meal are: eggs with oatmeal, potato and a roasted chicken breast, banana (or any fruit of your choice) along with whey protein or brown rice with fish and kale.

What type of Fat do Power Lifters require?

Fat is also a very important macronutrient providing instant calories and also act like reserves. It is required to maintain the body temperature, for transmission of nerve impulses and absorption of fat soluble vitamins. As a matter of fact, saturated fats are bad for health and one should avoid them. It applies to Power Lifters as well. The best type of fat to consume is Polyunsaturated Fat which you can find in olive oil, sunflower oil and soya bean oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc… Do not try to eat fried foods just to fulfill your fat requirement. Remember what goes in does not come out easily.


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