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We are a leading provider of various men’s health and sexual performance services. We specialize in helping men improve intimacy in relationships, with their partner, and live a sexually satisfied life. All our procedures are well-detailed, highly transparent and are guaranteed to yield excellent results. Whether you or your spouse is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease, we are always ready to help. Even if you want to increase your sexual performance in the bedroom, you can count on us to help you achieve maximum satisfaction from every sexual activity. About Dr. Rosenstein – The Journey So Far Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a well-experienced, highly qualified medical professional that specializes in Neurological Surgery, Men’s Health, Age Management, and Anti-Aging Medicine. Since 1985, Dr. Rosenstein has been providing outstanding medical services to both young and adult patients all over Fort Worth, Dallas and the entire Texas area with the North Texas Neurosurgical Consultants. He’s a board-certified neurosurgeon and diplomat of the American Board of Neurological Surgery. By making use of his skill, years of experience, knowledge, coupled with sophisticated techniques, he has been able to help men and their spouses live a sexually satisfied life. No matter the severity of the condition affecting your sex life or that of your spouse, Dr. Jacob Rosenstein has the ideal solution. His Credentials:

  • Served residency in Neurosurgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
  • Obtained medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Chief Resident of Neurological Surgery.
  • Completed Neurosurgery fellowship training at the Institute of Neurology, National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London, England.
  • Cenegenics Education & Research Foundation Age Management Medicine Training “This highly effective therapy has helped couples across the world rekindle their intimacy and achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. We are so excited to now offer this incredible opportunity to couples all over Texas. The therapy works excellently for both adult and young patients. Everyone from newlyweds to couples that are celebrating their 50th anniversary are welcomed to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. It’s amazing and will help you achieve the mind-blowing sexual experience you always wanted.” — Dr. Rosenstein Anti-Aging & Reduction in Body Fats Dr. Rosenstein started experiencing a decline in his health due to fatigue. Aging also caused a decrease in his energy. At this point, Dr. Rosenstein made it a priority to transform his health. To achieve this, he launched the Southwest Age Intervention Institute to help combat the signs and symptoms of aging. He then checked in as a patient of the institute. Interestingly, Dr. Rosenstein was able to achieve excellent results from his therapy and treatment procedures. He was able to reduce his body fat from 21% to 11% between ages 50 and 60 years. At 60 years, he had only 6.7% body fat. He was able to achieve this feat through a well-detailed, evidence-based nutrition program, regular exercise, and hormone optimization. Helping ED Patients Furthermore, he continued treating several clients using these unique Age Management/Anti-Aging therapies and procedures. He also examined a lot of clients that have erectile dysfunction (ED). From his observation, over 50% of men find it difficult to perform sexually, as they grow older. In other to help them treat the ED, Dr. Rosenstein develop a non-invasive therapy.

This scientifically proven technique makes use of high frequency, low-intensity acoustical waves to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It involves increasing the flow of blood to the penis. With this, men can stay hard and last longer during sexual intercourse. This amazing discovery led to the birth of Healthwave Physicians Institute. We Provide Exceptional Treatment Procedures Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a professional that is committed to achieving excellent results in the aspect of men’s health. Healthwave Physicians Institute has been providing exceptional treatment procedures since 2016. So far, the institute has helped a lot of men improve their sexual performance. Regardless of your age, our therapy at Healthwave Physicians Institute is guaranteed to bring you noticeable and instant improvements in your sexual life. Our Team At Healthwave Physicians Institute, we work with a team of competent, well-experienced experts that are committed to improving men’s health and sexual performance.

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