The Exciting and Twisted Personal Life of Marilyn Monroe

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The Exciting and Twisted Personal Life of Marilyn Monroe

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Before people like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, there have been other pop culture icons among whom you will find Marilyn Monroe. Thanks to her beauty and elegance, she attracted some of the most sought after men in Hollywood and her love life was something that was always talked about.

The queen of glamour died at the age of 36. Before then, however, she had been linked to many famous names although only a few won her heart enough to walk her down the aisle. Having remained famous even many years after her death, the question that many have always asked is- who did Marilyn Monroe marry. In almost two decades that ran from 1942 to 1961, she was married three times. Here is a look at the men the glamorous superstar got married to:

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Who did Marilyn Monroe Marry? James Dougherty and Monroe James Dougherty

The first man to have the luxury of becoming the husband of Monroe is, surprisingly enough, not someone famous. Instead, Dougherty was a Los Angeles police officer. It was in 1942 that the two started seeing each other and then by the time she was 16, the two walked down the aisle.

Before this time, the actress had had a very hard life, having to grow up in different foster homes after her mother suffered a mental breakdown. Following the tragic situation of her mother, she was adopted by her mother’s friend, Grace Goddard. When Goddard’s husband was transferred from California to West Virginia, the family could not take her along and so to prevent her from returning to an orphanage, she got married to Dougherty who was 21 at the time. That said, the two were not in love when they got married.

By 1946, fame had caught up with her, having already started her modeling career. She got a contract with 20th Century Fox which stated that she couldn’t be married. This made her serve James with divorce papers. She had wanted them to be divorced but still together but her husband who tried talking her out rejected it and that led to the end of the marriage.

Marilyn Monroe would remain unmarried for the next 8 years before finally getting married for a second time to Major League Baseball star Joe DiMaggio who had previously married actress Dorothy Arnold and divorced her. At first, the actress did not want to meet with him, believing that he would be just another arrogant athlete.

Although by this time she was already among the biggest stars, 20th Century still maintained its contract with her, without making any changes. This made her rebel against the company which would lead to her suspension and after that, she almost immediately got married to DiMaggio.

Right from the start of this marriage, there were clues that it was not going to last as her husband was not only jealous and controlling, but he was also physically abusive. Nine months into the marriage, she filed for a divorce and by 1955, the marriage was already over.

After Joe, it did not take her too long before she decided to give marriage yet another shot. This time around, the man she walked down the aisle to was American playwright and essayist, Arthur Miller.

In 1951 when he was still married to his first wife, Mary Slattery, Miller met Monroe and the two had a brief affair. They remained in contact. In 1956, the writer ended his marriage of 16 years to marry Monroe whom he reconnected with after she moved to NYC a year earlier to study acting.

Their wedding held at Westchester County Court in White Plains, NY and then two days later, it was followed by a traditional Jewish ceremony that saw Monroe converting to Judaism.

With different lifestyles and 10 years age difference between the two lovers, the media had so much to talk about. Five years in, the marriage came to an end as a result of different issues that have built over time including Monroe’s use of sleeping pills. More so, Miller revealed that even before they got married, he had already started reconsidering marrying the actress because she was more of a child than a woman.

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