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The Definition and Qualities Needed to Be a Real Patriot

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Patriot origins from a latin word patriota, it means ”fellow countryman”, hence fulfilling ones responsibilities and respecting fellow countryman’s rights is patriotism. Its Greek root is patrits,it means ”of one’s fathers”. We are Indians because of our fore fathers born here. Human has been here on the earth for 7 million years. It has been believed that human civilization has started before 10,000 BCE. After starting of this civilization human species developed into tribes, kingdoms and now countries. We are at an agreement to develop mutually by confining some boundaries according to ones ethnics. Then we should concentrate on individual development as a nation and then mutual development as a human race. Still now there has been a conflict between various nations over territory and natural resources, even though they are part of a global village called Earth.

When we heard the word ”Patriotism”, most probably war or sport flashes before us.I think, this may be the genome information has been passed on through generations from king’s era. Is patriotism means dying for ones country . As we are all part of the human species on the earth, then how killing other human is considered as patriotism. How supporting a nation in a sport is patriotism, winning and losing are part of a game, in game one should feel spirit of the game not revenge. How physical and mental exercise of a group considered to be patriotism. What happens to the great athletes after ending of their charisma period. But now, in this technology era, government, selfish politicians and some businessmen are using media and social network to divert national issues like illiteracy, female infanticide, inflation, unemployment, increase in below poverty line population, casteism, favouritism, family hierarchy in democratic government, corruption and irresponsibility. I believe, India is only place, where one can find pure form of unity in diversity. One can practice any religion or belief one believes. Constitution provided protection for minorities.

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Why one should be a patriot: I think being a responsible human being is a patriotism to their respective nations. Hence its basic duty of every citizen to be a patriot.

I consider myself to be a patriot when I start enjoying my job, which is my contribution to the GDP of the nation, stop bribing to government officials, take care of my rights given by constitution, stand against government when it suppress human rights, start questioning politicians about their achievements, start asking ruling party what they have promised, criticise constructively against government, stop misusing public money and public property, stop taking bribe to cast my vote, stop expecting nation to do something for me, start contributing something to the nation, follow rules and regulations laid by constitution,stop being a communal, stop supporting casteism and favouritism, stop discrimination against under privileged, stop killing for religious purpose, stop killing a person for being a atheist or humanist, stop abusing minorities, stop defaming a woman, stop killing a baby girl, stop using child labour, try to avoid religious superstitions, try to stop honour killings, stop extravagant marriage system, don’t take dowry, start being judicious, stop spoiling environment, stop being a selfish towards natural resource and stop using plastic.


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